THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

Wayne chat with Jane Perrone, indoor plant specialist and podcaster

March 27, 2020 Wayne / Jane Perrone Season 3 Episode 30
THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey
Wayne chat with Jane Perrone, indoor plant specialist and podcaster
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This week I chat with Jane Perrone, award winning indoor house plant specialist and Podcaster "On The Ledge"
We discuss how to become green fingered and how growing plants are a great way to keep you happy in these isolating times

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today's podcast. I chat with Jane Peron. She's an indoor plant specialist on award winning podcaster Off on the ledge. It's

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very easy. You think lots of people get to go fine. 10 Really quite tricky to careful pass plants on Dhe. Then six months later, they're really sad because they're all

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dead. We're looking really, really awful on dhe. So

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you really have to figure about the right number of houseplants for you. That might be one part.

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that might be 500 plants, but you need to work out the right number for you with your lifestyle in the mouth time got to devote them because a lot of these things, you see, a whole instagram are beautiful and wonderful, but actually quite

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todo Hello and welcome to the TV carpenter podcast. My name is Wayne Perry. How you doing? It's hard, isn't it? Being stuck indoors with everything that's going on on dhe. My main aim with this podcast. Well, I've got a few aims. There is to hopefully cheer you up a little bit on but also inspire you thio to fix Andi. Make the home that you're stuck in now for a couple of weeks to be is as pleasurable as possible. So this podcast was reading set up because I have amazing contacts with great into designers, on garden designers or from the world of the makeover shows. Why work in TV makeover shows actually both gardens and interiors on dhe As you're stuck indoors, everyone's looking around even in our house. You know, we've we've a lot to already be. Think about knocking down walls and painting the whole way and doing things so hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration and give you the confidence to create your dream home. Um, I have to say a huge thank you to my sponsor, Thorne. Down paints. Now they've sponsored this podcast from the start and they're back to sir, but support me and support the podcast and sponsor The third Siris it was was really lovely. Is there an award winning ICO brand paint on dhe? I have a chat with them on dhe. I created this little mini one minute interview with the owner's Caroline and Ben, and they explained to us even the tins are award winning the design of the 10. So they explain what makes the whole downtime so special. So it's very much chief old. It wasa firstly, the fact that when you quite often use paintings that the opening is so small that you struggled to get your brush into it. They're quite fiddly, and they're unstable. So the whole thing was about making them shorter and faster so that you have a greatest a center of gravity. You have a wider opening, so even on our 1 50 mil tins, you can still get a decent sized paintbrush into them. But also we leave a larger gap at the top as well. So it's one of the other frustrations that you open a brand new tenor paint. You have to stir it properly, as with all patrons. So you're stirring away and you're losing half the paint off the side of the Tim's. So why? Well, we'll just leave by a centimeter or something on top of the paint before the lips, so when you're stone at, it stays within the 10. You're not losing any pain. You still getting the right amount of pain. But you just designed the tears just to be a little bit higher and a little bit yeah, just more user friendly. It's been It's just little things like that. People think about people. Don't think about that, actually makes the the end you suit so much more. You know he's Thio. If you are thinking of doing in the D I Y home or in your garden, then check out thorne down dot co dot UK. I was speaking to them today, and Caroline and Ben was saying that the business they've ever bean because they can still deliver. If you order online, you type in the code TV Carpenter. You get 15% discount on any off their online purchases. What's great about this paint is a water based ICO pain, so you can use it in your garden on on your woodwork. Or you can use it within your house. Any of your doors skirting zor PVC. It could be used anywhere, eh? So they can happily provide you and send you stuff straight to your house. This week has Bean, um, bit crazy because I was specially doing lots of things that that a home show, especially doing lots of D i y, talks on their main stage. Honestly, all of those things have been postponed. I decided to still do those. So if you want any deal and why top tips on doing daily D I y on my instagram on TV stories on DSO They're recovering anything from how to stop your smoke alarm from beeping or what your fuse board does, or how to fix your wonky kitchen cabinets and I'll be doing these long as we're quarantined. I'll be quarantine. As always, we're on lock down. I'll be doing daily D I Y. So if you keep watching them, the only short maximum 78 minutes you will you learn something every that. So you check those out on my instagram and stories, and you can find those on my Web page, the TV carpenter dot com. But something really exciting happened this weekend on this podcast was voted one of the top five in to design podcasts by the Sunday Times Home magazine that will be doing this for over six months on and to be recognized by The Sunday Times. Ah was just a dream country on. I was in great company up there with some other great podcasters, and one of them was my next guest, Jane Peron. She's got a podcast called on the ledge on Dhe. She's an indoor house plant specialist, and I interviewed her before I knew that we were big, being on this least. So it's lovely that she's her interview is next on. Did you get to hear why her podcast is so successful? So the main event is Jane Peron. I'm from on the ledge podcast. Hello, Jane. Thank you for coming on the TV Carpenter podcast. You, obviously you're successful, journalist and presenter and you talk all things plants. But first, I just want to say, Do you think some people are just more naturally green fingered than others?

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That is probably true. I mean, I am one of those odd people who had a very young age was interested in plants. As early as I can remember, I've been interested in plants on a lot of people come to getting into parts of gardens once they get their own place with a bit of space to have some parts outside all or houseplants inside on before that, they're kind of a little bit like all plant blind. They don't really see plants in the way that that I do but months people, once you kind of getting tuned into understanding the importance of plants and how amazing they are. And I always describe it as putting your plant glasses on plant glasses on and family will be walking down the road on. You'll see some incredible thing poking out pavement ago. Oh wow, somebody's dropped to be a pred on that has orbit of you know what a waste is falling on the ground on. You got some wheat growing up through the pavement or you put a tomato plant or you've got this really fascinating weed with a really odd name that's there's gonna fascinating history. So that happens to me when I'm walking down the road a ways muscular amusement of my family. But it means that I've always got my plunk losses of wherever I am. Uh, I guess I was born with plant glasses on, but I think some people come to it a bit later down the road. It's really nice at the minute, but everyone is getting really hooked on house plants, which is something that I've been interested in since I was a little kid.

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But, you know, that was one of my questions like all of a sudden, because I remember when I you know when I was kid. I'm 42 I always remember we had, you know, everyone had a spider plan. Everyone other cheese plan in their in their bathroom. You know, it was typical 18 seventies eighties, and I just remember now, like this resurgence off house plans, what do you think's cause that all of a sudden

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it's really a question? I think there's a psychical element tool of these trains that houseplants kind of reason on fallen in popularity of the is. There was a real spike in the seventies and interesting houseplants on there that kind of fading away. So I think it's partly psychical. I also think that there has to be an impact in terms off the fact that so many of us I mean, I'm lucky. I've got a house with a garden. I'm very, very lucky and expect. But lots of people who is my podcast don't have that. They live in a rented accommodation or they got their own inside space for plants, but no space outside on their four with the Roy's off very high tech glass houses producing house plants on a mass scale. Lots of house plots that were previously quite expected and hard to get hold off, become within reach off all of us on. So it's easy to go pick up that special plant on having in your house and you may only cost you. You know, the cost of a couple of cups of coffee on it should last for a long time, bringing you join your house. So I think that's partly partly. You know, there's all this talk about millennials. I'm definitely not a millennial. I'm in my forties like you, but I think that lots of millennials catching on to this idea, possibly because they want something to look after that there's gonna revolve some pair but a child or adult for effect that's gonna actually demand a lot of care When I can understand that there's times in your life where you can't be, you know, it's not necessarily the right time for you to have Aah paint. Your child is going to demand huge around your attention, but you just want me to nurture s. So that's what I think is partly behind it. I also think that Instagram plays a role Interestingly, Yeah, that there's so much on its around now. That's probably my main social media platform for the podcast on DDE thehe Mazing. Thing is, I don't if you've ever tried to take on Instagram, picture off a garden plant in a in a garden situation. It's actually really hard to make anything look good on its crab in a garden. A beautiful have a she's bored of full of parts actually looks a bit rubbish on Instagram, however. Ah, house plant a beautiful philodendron burke here, normal, variegated, more threatened. You could make that look incredible on Instagram Andi. So people getting really hooked onto looking on instagram and seeing pants that their desire ing on, then going out in search of them. So I think that's the other for the l. A factor of

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No, it's so that is actually so true. You're right. I work in a lot of garden makeover shows, so I'm forever taking the pictures of the end when we do the reveal ready for when the show goes out and they always look now, never quite capture that Never capture the beauty. You know that we've worked for five days. Solidly, we've got this beautiful garden and we've done the reveal on it. Just never seems I don't know if it's because the end of the day we're all just a bit knackered, but it never it never looks right. So you're you've got, like, a journalistic background and presented background. But the garden which came first then that the love of the the working with plants and gardens or were you a journalist and presented first

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s. So I I don't know why before becoming a gardener as a child, I don't think it was a career path was ever really presented to me, but from a very young age, Your wants to be a journalist. I had a piece pumped in the school magazine aged about six. No. Wow, that was it. I saw my byline. I was like, Yeah, I love it. So So I started out in a local newspaper journalism having done a master's degree in journalism in the U. S. And various other things. I'm kind of a dive in the wall. Classic journalist. Really? That's the background of comfort. So what worked in local papers, and then I but the Guardian for 17 years in the first half of fat was really on the breaking news side of things. So, yeah, quite a heavy, Quite a heavy news rotation between the years of 2000. 2007 is she probably can Yes, I like that. Competent. Broke me. Andi, I had went off. I had my first child in 2007 while I was on maternity leave. The job of gardening at the Guardian came up, and I just thought, Wow, that sounds like a really nice change from from breaking news on Dhe. So I took that job on Dhe, did that for nine years and then went freelance three years ago. So yeah, I kind of have done a lot of different different types of journalism. I The bar's over breaking. These was great, but you do get slightly broken by. It is pretty relentless. Andi, So eat the world of parts of gardens. Is you know, there's not a lot of breaking using. Be surprised sometimes, but you know what I was thinking? The other thing I think is interesting. Is that actually, people don't say Oh, how boring. But I think it's only as boring as you make it, you know? Okay, there are the same kind of things that come around every year. So, for example, you know, every year there's a story about snowdrops. Every year there's a story about you know, Alia's actually, you're gonna just get your journalistic brain on and actually think of things that are a little bit different to do. So, for example, I did a story which was actually re turned out really well, but was a real challenge, which was covering a gardening scheme that was taking place within an immigration removal centre, which was helping the women who were detained there. Thio have an outlet for growing their own food on. It was an incredible thing to do because I got to go inside this immigration removal centre which, like literally nobody gets to go in those places. They're they're you know, they're obviously sealed off from the outside world. So that was really, really fascinating to go inside there and to talk to the women who were doing the scheme on DDE. I wrote a piece for the R HS magazine about that, so I like to try to set myself some interesting challenges and, you know, realize that gardening it's not just about okay, what do we do this month? Although obviously, that's an important part of it. It's also about the people involved in the stories and the stories behind the plants, which I'm fascinated.

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Oh, my God. I'm let you sing here. My mouth dropped open. Okay, so, you know, we are gonna be talking about plants. But I wonder, how did you manage to get that interview? How did you, Andi? Whose idea was it to create a garden in that situation? Anyway?

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It's one of those things where, you know. Yeah, you've got to keep your feelers out all the time. I happen. Thio the young 20 immigration removal said there is no a 1,000,000 miles away from where I live on. I happen to come across the lady who started the scheme. Andi, I said to her this was a good two years ago. I would love to to write about this. She was like, It's gonna be really hard because it's just gonna be really hard organized that, But I'll try on then you fast forward. Two years on the pieces published s oh, yeah, it's with journalism. You've always gotta be every every person you meet. I mean, it sounds terribly kind of calculating, But every person you meet you are thinking about How could this person be useful contact for me?

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Yeah, but you know, nobody. They become your little black book of access. Show me without, you know, on, you know, And I've met

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some interesting stories. Everyone's got something to say something. You'll be some connection somewhere That makes some interesting tale. So that's what I was interested in. You know, whether it's meeting people in person or finding somebody on Instagram. He's doing something unusual with their houseplants. Or, you know, there's all kinds of it and also just cold. Calling people and saying, Would you be on my part car? I mean, that's probably most of the Richter. Why do about podcast about house plants? It means I can kind of phone anybody up. They can. We chat about house plants on dhe. I've got excuse because I'm doing a podcast. So it's It's a bit of a wish fulfillment for me, to be honest, but you gotta love doing it. So

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get a great kick out of it.

spk_1:   16:37
And you know, that's the reason why I called you. Do you don't mean let it to do this Podcast podcast is a brilliant ruse to chat to some amazing people. Those ladies that you interviewed for the garden more about, Like what? Think they grow out of it doing the gun?

spk_0:   16:55
The interesting thing Waas was you know when you're in awaiting a government decision on whether you're going to be removed from the UK on, you know, again on one of the things I did with this was just totally separate any person opinion about about any of that from the actual story, because that's another matter. Not something that I was prepared to delve into. But you can imagine. It's very, very anxious time for those women. It's also a very stress, a stressful time, but also every boring time that they're, you know, that they're in limbo literally on. So for a lot of them, they're looking for things to do on DDE. Some of them I've got come from a background where they would be used to tiu doing party stuff or their parent. They've seen their parents doing stuff with plants, so it's another outlet. Another way of connecting with, perhaps with a little bit of back home. So I spoke to women from Brazil. He were growing, um, who were looking at things like coriander. And I was talking to him about coriander and how they use it on what they call it in Portuguese on they were telling me about that. And so yeah, and there was another lady who was who had worked as a chef in Dubai. And she was telling me about how she would use different herbs and how she remembered her grandfather. Planting sweet chord in combination with other other plants is a companion planting. So there's there was loads of interesting stuff there. I mean, the other the unfit for journalistic point of view, which is handy where my journalistic training came in. Really useful is that I couldn't have anything in there in terms of equipment. I have a photographer with me. So her equipment, it was all checked before we went in on dhe wth e. But I couldn't take. I just had a pair of paper, pen and notebook. So all my short hunt was very happy in that I was able Thio make sure hand notes of my conversations with the women that I met, Uh, because I couldn't take a recorder with that. I was very glad my old school journalism school that day. But it was It was really humbling to see how this even help these ladies and the woman who runs it. I just I tip my hat to her because it was so hard to do. Everything that comes into the center has to be checked. She has to make sure that there's every plant is safe to be planted. Isn't poisoners isn't gonna do any harm. Andi. Yeah, it's a really, really wonderful scheme. But boy,

spk_1:   19:28
a lot

spk_0:   19:28
of effort to get it off the ground but just shows the amazing power of gardening a za therapeutic exercise which is just wonderful.

spk_1:   19:36
No, absolutely. And working on the the maker of garden makeover shows, particularly, you see that benefit and you know, we've done some, like cancer care, trust places and things and and that I always when I first started, I was quite naive to the idea of, you know, like things are very yearly. An annual things come around all the time and I might. My thoughts were, Well, if someone's ill or someone's, you know, potentially gonna see the year, will they want to plant something now, knowing they're not gonna see it from its job? Actually, the benefits, uh, are so important to seeing that people like to see, change and grow and continue So with the health benefits side of things, What what do you know any health benefits to having a particular house? Plants having house plants in your house?

spk_0:   20:25
There is so much all of you for that about guesthouse parts clean here. I'm always kind of interested in that in that it's one of those things where, when you actually talk to the scientist, do this work In this area, the answer is always, well, sort off. But it's a lot more complicated than you see. A lot of these kind of mystical type pieces say the's Ted. How spots will clean yet on when you get down to it. House plants have wonderful Bennett fits indoors, but you need to have a awful lot of plants to have any significant impact on your air quality in your house. You're a lot better off ditching wood burner ditching the candles. Ditching the air freshener isn't open your windows. That's reality. I

spk_1:   21:08
love your honesty. Or Jane. I love your own instincts. Brilliant, because I've I've even read books about what plants people take to space so that we can purify the air in space. Okay, go on. That's

spk_0:   21:20
right. I think that Dr Wolverton, that was the NASA research that he did in the Think it was a sixties or seventies. You know, that's I mean, you know, Yes, that worked. But when you look about researching what was actually done, the plants were used in combination with air filters on yeah, it doesn't really relate to our situation in our house is what I would say, though, is that Part's do have plants do have benefits in the home they on. They may be taking small amounts off the OSI's volatile organic compounds out of the air. There's also research being done about the way that they help to take our dog side out of the air. But unfortunately, there's so much kind of bad science out there, so you see, not speak saying well, don't have house plants in your bedroom because they know they're giving out carbon dioxide at night. So they're gonna kick, will you? Well, if that was the case, then your husband partner dog, he's gonna kill you first because they're letting out A lot Will calm dockside in the plants. Paul, it's fine to have a bedroom, but again, they're not gonna They're not going unless you literally got out a Joan goal. They probably are not gonna have a great impact on air quality, but they will bringing joy. And there's this idea of biophilia. So this is the idea on this husband extensively researched by scientists The fact that if you're looking out onto greenery, it does have a better a positive impact on you. And there's been researched on where people covering from operations. One group, we're looking out one about blank wall, the other group looking out onto greenery and the ones he looking out to Greenlee. The recovery rate was a bit faster. So there's something in that and I just say the great thing about having plants around you is it's just a wonderful I just love seeing plants grow develop on the I find if I go into a room that's not got plants in it. It seems a little bit bare to me.

spk_1:   23:15

spk_0:   23:16
so, yeah, there's tons of benefits. But you don't believe all the height that you read online that you know, you're gonna buy one state plot, and it's gonna, like, make your house this amazing chemical free environment. That's my other. But they're just gonna go from one now. Yeah, chemicals. I mean, like, chemical. Everything is made of chemicals. Don't think that could certainly contains chemicals in its bad chemicals Is just a term that this graphics were always chemicals. So, yeah, don't be that chemical. Be that, uh, yeah, I

spk_1:   23:51
love passion. Yeah. I love how passionate you are, cause I I you know, since discovering you have been listening to your on the ledge podcast, which is brilliant, and I love some of the segments you have on there, but my particular listen Tiu the one with Oliver Heath who talked a lot about you know, the benefits of plants and he'd helped design this bedroom had loaded plants in it. So then I went and looked on your instagram on. I saw the pictures in that I'm gonna be really honest. It freaked me out a little bit. Having that many plants in the bedroom. I do not mean so following. Not

spk_0:   24:24
gonna lie to you. I don't have many plants in my bedroom. My bedroom is really, really dark on dhe. I don't get it off time. They're quite frankly. So for me, the bedroom is no. I don't have many certain offices to put plants in my bedroom. I used to have a part in my bedroom in the previous house. I just have a shelf about my bed. We've lost the plants on it on. Unfortunately, one night I had a nightmare, just literally jumped up and started grabbing on to the house once my boyfriend at the time. Now husband totally freaks out because I'm about to start start raining compost on his head. So, yeah, there are perils. Too many house plants in the wrong place. Yeah. I mean, the other thing I would say about about that is it's very easy and lots. I think lots of people do think Oh, yeah, I'm getting it to house parts and they'll go by 10. Really quite tricky to care for past plants on dhe. Then six months later, they're really sad because they're all dead. We're looking really, really awful on dhe. So you really have to figure out the right number of houseplants for you. Now, that might be one part.

spk_1:   25:33

spk_0:   25:34
that might be 500 plants, but you need to work out the right number for you with your lifestyle and the mouth time you got to devote to them. Because a lot of these things you see on instagram are beautiful and wonderful, but actually quite time consuming to do so. You know, if you don't have time to spend a lot of time reporting, you know, 50 plants every spring, then maybe think about skating down your ambition to start with and just enjoy on learn about one plant first.

spk_1:   26:01
Okay, So if you're gonna choose, you know, I've got to say, Mark, my success rate with plans over the last two years has become 50%. I'm getting there. Used to be, like, literally 10% would just wouldn't happen on. But I was fortunate that Bill I don't know if you've seen it. I should mention to you that there's a hotel called the Tree House Hotel. Andi. It's opposite the Langham hotel in central London and the top two floors. The idea is a bit like a bird's nest, like a tree house on. We have a huge living wall outside, and then they had a living wall inside and I clad the front of it. So the idea was like a bird's nest. All these plants were climbing through, so it was a logistical nightmare because these these the cladding had to be taken off so you can get to the cells behind. But anyway, I got given a load of free plants because we removed themselves. And so I had, like, a naive e think devil's ivy and then, like the Swiss cheese, flat plant and stuff. And I've managed to keep them to alive. But I don't know how, but all the others have lost. But if you you know for a new beginner and you'll get picking five plants for your house, where would you start?

spk_0:   27:05
All that's a good one for me. The first thing you need to do is just think about your what your house is like. So do you have lots of sunny spots or is it really dark with small windows? But there are a few parts and then adapt as to what? I'm gonna go see if you got low, just turn, and obviously captain starting. It's great if it's much darker than you need to look at other plants that are adapted to live in more shady conditions. There are a few parts that are pretty tough. I would say that Swiss cheese plant monster to the serious That is one of those. I mean, the main way you're gonna kill that is by giving it too much water. If it's in a really dark corner, it probably won't grow particularly fast. But it won't die unless you keep water locking it. But the other part that I always recommend for the person who kills everything is called the Double Z clowns. Sammy Oh, caucus zam. If Olia No, this is a part from East Africa on you probably would recognize it. It's in the office is a lot. It's got these stiffs stems with these got sea of leaves coming out on either side of it. It's a wonderful foliage plant and super super tough. It really is a beautiful part on If you get the carpet right, it re grows fast, but if you don't, it just kind of sits there dusting much. That's what My knee still looks. Great. He's not gonna die. Remain. Where you gonna kill most of these heart say, is giving them too much in the way of water. Most plants were much happier, a little bit dry than to wet.

spk_1:   28:32
So when you wore two plans, is it best to let put them in the bath, soak them, let them drain out overnight and then put them back in their port? Or would you keep walking them in their pots?

spk_0:   28:41
Yeah, I mean, I think that's that's really a good way of doing it because then the plants get a good soak every so often on. Then they go back to their location on dhe. They dry out over time. If you do, the thing of it is flashing a bit of water in the top of the poor. It does two things. One. Some water runs out the bottom on that. If you don't remove that water, the plant sits in a puddle of water on the roots need as well as water, and so the roots rot because they're no happy. The other thing that happens if that doesn't happen, The thing that happens is you put a bit of water on top of the part on the route. Think yl the waters at the top here, so the roots tend to grow into the surface rather than developing a really nice root ball below on dso the plant. That doesn't do any good. Really. That's not how it should be growing, so that put the plant under quite a lot of stress so he can yes, move plants to try using a washing up bowl on Dhe just planted there for about an hour. Let him soak up a nice low water drain and put them back where they're meant to be. That is a really great way to do it, if you can. On DDE, just learn to observe your plants and understand when they're they're thirsty, as opposed to just go right. It's juicy morning. Everything's getting water because from plants at different times of year as well. I'm not gonna necessarily need it.

spk_1:   30:03
Yeah, some planting being told, you can just leave them throughout the whole of the winter. Really there need anything? A lot of the plants.

spk_0:   30:08
Yeah, I packed my succulent I mean, I'm just looking around. I got tons of catalogs. Succulent serum office. Most of these have not been watered since November. Holy on, something are looking a little bit prickly. You know what? They'll be fine. Didn't spring that they'll they'll bounce back Absolutely fine, because, you know, they that's what they're adapted to do. They totally adapted to that on. If you water open throughout the winter as you want, as you do doing summer, you're probably gonna end up with that sad sight of a bushy. Yes,

spk_1:   30:43
it is interesting, because I kind of made an effort to get a lot more succulent and a lot more cattle because I knew that I was rubbish ship, you know, God keeping these plants alive. And I put the put one of them on a on a high dresser. It looked it looked lovely, and I realized it's Justin and got enough, son, from what you've just said, cactuses needs sun. And I didn't know that. I just thought what with a drought, though, they'll survive everything. But it's more the son that you obviously them in hot temperatures. Of course, they need the sun.

spk_0:   31:09
Yeah, What happens is think what happens is they, You know, I mean, imagine I would say people imagine where this grows or learn. Find out where your current grosses world lives on. That, William, for how you look after it. So catch us or succulent. I mean, there are exceptions because there are some forest tap type, but most Captain succulents often they come from South Africa. Extremely high light conditions dry in the winter and quite cold in the winter, actually. So, ideally, you want nor Pac time succulents, Tiu. I'm generalizing here, you know. We're not gonna get to G he Jimmy. Then they need lots of sun on DVD in the summer. Lots of water. They grow really fast. If you want to do well in the summer on, then in the winter, much cooler temperatures are lots of cat time. Sockets could go down to least 10 degrees centigrade, but still highlight That way you will hopefully end up with a plant that does well the other thing to bear in mind. We're getting kind of technical now, But when you buy a cactus or such don't, that's you that the potting mix it's eating is correct for the part because lots of nurseries sell parts, which are in stuff that is falling for them to be growing in computer controlled conditions of the greenhouse. But once you get home, they're gonna be too waterlogged. So often times. It's good advice with your past crimes succulence to report them into a re gritty, free draining cactus and succulent compacts, which you could pick up from the garden centre.

spk_1:   32:34
You know, a bit more drainage. I've brought my wife, you know. You get it from a service station that all kids, you know, the comes, you know D in. And then it looks lovely and it dies when it dies. The logistic flowers. And should you would you keep that, or would you just start again? Is it worth keeping it going for the next year?

spk_0:   32:54
You can. You're talking about the mob talk or fella locks. It's nice. Likely, which is nice. Common textile

spk_1:   33:02
station, you know, really

spk_0:   33:03
great house bones. Because unlike the cat Tyler, I just spoke about They love to be you very even conditions or we around. You know, room temperature's fine. They're very undemanding, really. All you need to be with those is Take the bullet pop to the tap run Wonder tap for about 60 seconds once a week. Job done. All you could do the soaking technique as well is equally fine. But yeah, they're they're very easy. Comfortable as you say. They flower for a long time. And then what do you do? Well, that flower spike, you can. There's two ways of dealing with it. The easiest thing is just to cut it off at the very base on, then give the plants slightly cooler conditions for a few weeks on that then prompts the plant back into blooming again on DDE. Yeah, Generally speaking, those parts will be quite happy. You will re bloom eventually if you could just get that the light right, which is kind of bright, indirect lights and not in a big south facing window, but maybe in east or west facing window on DDE Just that technique of watering them under the tap Once a week, I should report

spk_1:   34:11
you. You end up just with like a stick. You know, the support sticks putting out with a class a clip on it. I'm going well, is it worth keeping that?

spk_0:   34:21
No. You know, it's one of those things where some people got the knack with four kids, and they do want to be with other people. Really struggle again. Lots of silly advice on the Internet without ice cubes and all sorts. Excuse on top. Don't be nice top. I mean, you know, they're from They're from places like ended easier and Southeast Asia. There's no ice. Keeps the forest there, you know. Don't Don't go down on my stoop route. Yeah,

spk_1:   34:51
yeah, Just yes.

spk_0:   34:52
Try to keep it simple. The other thing that people often do wrong with those is that they don't have drainage holes in the bottom of the Sometimes they come in a fancy part with road rage holes on. That is just death to most houseplants. Yeah, you've got a part with the drainage holes, then I just probably struggling. Then think about

spk_1:   35:11
drainage holes and make sure we've got drain off. Yeah, I just I love I love how excited you are by plants, and and you're not ashamed of you? Say it's off the geeking out on it. The whole you know is it is a Latin word. All the all the word Let d d do you find those easy to learn on dhe? Do you find you used them a lot, or do you feel you need to know them for the job that you do?

spk_0:   35:36
That's a really good question. I have but couldn't first got my first houseplant book. You know, I love the Latin names I love saying them. I get a kick out of learned that date, you know, I'm a weirdo. What will I say? Why would say about botanical? Latic's loads of people really intimidates voice. You see this 20? Oh gosh, I don't looking idiot. Just give it a go. One thing about Latin names is they are actually really useful. They tell you something about the plant, about which family it belongs to, on how it looks. So they're worth knowing, especially because the other thing about common names it's that so many ones that are duplicated over different species. So if your fine state money plant well, the classic guards use people a little golden century. They say. I want the japonica. I could be anything that's about 50 parts with japonica in the day. So the last thing. They help you narrow things down. If you are getting in town. Sponsor is a great thing to start to get your brain around some Latin names. But you don't feel embarrassed if you pronounce it and doesn't sound like how somebody else bounces it. Because, you know there's no there's no there's no roads around to tell you about myself.

spk_1:   36:56
Brilliant. So my my final question. My podcast. I always ask people. Normally, when I speak to gardeners for size, I say Describe your perfect garden. But because we talk about house plans, I want you to describe the most. Your favorite room. You might already have it. Or is that a room you would aspire to be in? When you describe that for me and also describe what you're drinking while you're in this room?

spk_0:   37:17
One drinking Oh, my gosh. Okay, I have what is probably, uh, my dream room already in a way, which is a north facing room, which is as good a glass roof on it. And that's good. It doesn't get too hot in the summer, you know, ideally, want my building moved out. I'm told by having this, you know, I'd like to, like, get rid of all the other stuff. Just have it. It's full of plants. Not quite a lot of plants, but yeah, I would completely fill that with Lance. Just have one chair on be sitting there, and it would have to be Jenna Tonic. My drink of choice. I would say nice Jim public. The only thing is, though I'm sure this is true. This cotton is is I never sit down. I'm busy. Only my garden. I never sort of, you know, just sit and look at my parts. I'm also doing something, whether it's, you know, checking leases s so you know, doing a bit of pruning. There's also something to be done, but yeah, I would definitely turned that room into a complete jungle. And they just sit there in a nice comfortable with GC. And, uh, yeah, that

spk_1:   38:21
sounds absolutely perfect. Jane, it's been an absolute pleasure. Pleasure to speak to you so people couldn't find you. Jane. Pair on. And that's p e r o n e dot com. So they confined your website on there and they can link onto your You're wonderful podcast on the ledge podcast. What? Your other social media handles that people can contact you on.

spk_0:   38:42
Yeah. So, Jane parental on his way. You can listen to the forecast and subscribe and all that good stuff. I'm on Twitter as a drink. Corona Andi, I have a Facebook page called on the ledge. Port on dhe on on Ski on instagram Annoyingly somebody else's Jane Perone s o I'm J Dog L. Doctorow on Instagram s. Oh, yeah, that's, uh, you'll see me on. They're letting on about houseplants. Most

spk_1:   39:12
Jane, It's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for being on the TV Carpenter podcast. My pleasure. Thank you. How apt was the story about the immigration removal center, especially with what's happening to all of us in the moment currently unlocked down in our home and our gardens? And it's true, you know, having a something to look after something to tend, whether it be a plant or in your home or in your garden really can bring a sensitive contentment. Enjoy. So hopefully her interview was a source of inspiration for you. Remember, if you are doing any d I Y home and you want a little bit of advice, go to my website. The TV carpenter dot com and those links on there to my instagram, which has the Daily di wise. But also those links to the D. I. Y Do is Facebook group. So if you have any questions regarding D I Y. It's an open platform a bit like a month's net for D. I. Y. Where you can ask any questions on dhe myself, my business partner, Stef Braun, or any of the other people on that. There's over 2000 people on there that can help you. So while you stuck a home when you want attempts in D I Y. And you're not sure, just go in there and ask. As always, you can contact Thorne down, Doc, hold on UK, my sponsor, and you get 15% discount. By putting in the code, the TV carpenter will send the paint to you. We even do some amazing Glaspie label on glass paint. So if you want to draw a big rainbow on your window like what's happened the moment with kids and then you get bored of it, peel it off to do it again, and they can send those kits out to you as well. It's all on their website. Thorne down, Dakota, UK. Stay safe. Everybody staying doors on Dhe. Thank you for listening to the TV carpenter.