THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

Wayne chats with Kids interiors specialist Medina King

April 03, 2020 Wayne / Medina King Season 3 Episode 31
THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey
Wayne chats with Kids interiors specialist Medina King
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This week I chat with Kids interior designer
Medina King from MK interiors,
We discuss how to design for kids, especially kids on the autistic spectrum.

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ratio. I checked with Medina King from M K Interiors that she discusses her designs for Children's bedrooms, especially Children with autism. Is there any things that you definitely won't put in a room because of artistic child?

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I wouldn't say definitely fall. So there are things that you have to consider. So things like a Chris ticks things like space cannon and probably zone in the space. Make space for everything they like organization. So we try and keep it super organized and trying to label things so that they

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way Welcome to the TV Carpenter. My name is Wayne Perry. You're sticking your home as we all are. And if you're looking around your house, I'm sure you've stored for 1000 things that you'd want to change. That you want Thio do up paint or even tackle that garden. I know I have a list as long as my arm and me and my wife already have been discussing ways in which we can improve humble little home. So with that in mind, as always, I try and inspire you to quit your dream home. But hopefully so even more so in these this tricky times. So this podcast is created to inspire you. So hopefully by the end of this lock down, you'll be inspired to create the dream home you've always wanted. But first I have to say a huge thank you to my sponsor. Thorne Down paints Thorne down have supported me and this podcast from the beginning on Dhe. If you haven't heard this podcast, you haven't heard of Thorn down there. An amazing e co paint, they said, specialize in outdoor woodwork paint, but also you can get appealable glass panes. If you have Children and their they're painting rainbows on their window and you want something that can easily be pulled off and paint again and pulled off the paint again. You can contact them Thorne down our kindly, offering you 15% discount on any online purchases. So if you go to Thorne down Dakota UK and put in the code TV Carpenter, you can take full advantage off that 15% discount. I went and met Caroline and Bend, the owners of Thorn Down. It's a family run business on dhe. We were chatting about, um, the UV protection that their paint has. So here is a short woman interview which I had with Ben. Where explains the benefits off their brilliant ICO Thorne down paint. Champagne has a UV blocking protection, and it says it's resistant to color fade. How important is that? And how does that work? So the resin on the color that we use a very UV resistant on so the resin on its own is except blocking you Be a ll. The colors that you used A ll wasn't blue will. Eight. They're just strongest UV resistant colors that you can use and they're all same strength, so they don't fade. So together they work very, very well. So they just stayed the same What one wants to be painted. This doesn't change in the complement each other. So there's some natural pigments in the colorants that really helped to protect the resin itself, as well as the resident actually protecting the cut. One another's as well. So they look after each other exactly. And then when we do clear, it's a pure clear. But we put additional U B blockers in there because there's no pigment to help filter. It s so so yes. So when I've used the clear one before to protect the wood. That sort of has that has the UV within the clear as well that you saying so? Even if he used without color without without any pigments in it, it's still protects the wood as well. Absolutely. One thing I've noticed while being unlocked down is how my family and I use our home differently. How we appreciate certain rooms or how we want to explore and develop certain rooms even more on dhe. I know the purpose of this podcast is, as I say from beginning. It's about giving you the confidence to create your dream home. But nevermore. So have we noticed it whilst being stuck in it like we all are on Dhe. I love the fact that I get to interview some amazing people, especially this next lady Medina King from M K Interiors Kids Interiors. She is a fellow guest at the Idol own show. We've met quite a few times, presenting on their main stage on what she is known for his kids interior. So she's brought in to create amazing kids, spaces, nurseries or even big centers or, you know, play areas within hospitals and things like that. But also she's known for working with Children who are on the autistic spectrum so she knows how to develop and create a scheme that's gonna help them on. Make them feel comfortable in their room. So I hope you enjoy this interview that I did with Medina King from M. K Kids Interiors Medina King Thank you for coming on my podcast. Brilliant Medina King off M k kids interiors dot com Now we've we've met a few times are our career paths of cross We both our guest presenters at the Idol Home Show and I've seen your your talk. I think I've bean on just after use. I've caught a few of your your talks on Do your kids into designer who who specializes in like what it says on the tin really is kid's rooms, nurseries, bedrooms. So talk taught me How did you How did you end up creating a company working around kids interiors? You know what I really wanted? This is because a lot of people we've met I've spoken Thio have totally had big career change. Using career switch is just through necessity or just through. Do you know what I'm just gonna go for it. So I'm intrigued to know what your story is.

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Okay, So I actually wanted Thio. I studied interior design at the University of the Arts, London at El Sisi, formerly known as L C. P. On. And after I graduated in 2009 that was like, just at the credit crunch. So, like everything like jobs were like available people weren't really hiring as my much so it was really difficult for me to find work. And then I decided I actually grew up in Jamaica, So I spent the 1st 10 years of my life in Jamaica. So after graduating, I was like, Ok, well, I'm going to go back to Jamaica and see what opportunities there are for me there on dhe. Just explore what's there and nothing was e thanks decorating. And I did. Some are I might not work in exhibited at the Pegasus cavalry in Kingston. Um, so I think those are the two good things that came out, but generally it was just dead. So I came back to u K. Nine months later on I continued my search for work in the city. No, r. I am fed up of applying for roles. Let me just take the plunge on DDE. Do it. So at the time I was working for hills that e You know what I love but the experience of working there and the people that I met while working there, but I hated it. It was just so boring. And so I ended up like finishing my business plan on the shop floor, right in my elevator, pitch on the shop floor and testing it out on all my colleagues that just got fed up with me and just run in their eyes at me. I run to the toilet to take calls from her phone, like trying to secure things for men. Can kids. Uh and then he got to a point where I was just like, You know what? I can't do this anymore. I do need to take a fund. So I left heels. But before I left heels, I actually proposed to them an interior design service for their Kings road store because they had the service act on Airport road. Yeah, but they didn't have it. The king's road and I thought, look like people are coming in asking for this. They entertained the idea. They interviewed me. The managing director came to the store and, you know, they were really impressed with proposal. But then he was trying to offer me, like, a full time role, not like work e on. Then he was like, Well, you need to work on Saturday. No, really? Then they were like, Oh, well, we'll look into it. We'll get the programs that you need. In the meantime, a colleague of mine referred me, referred a client to me. She came into the store looking for an interior designer and she wanted to purchase, but she wasn't sure if it would fit in her room. So she said he hooked me up. My manager was aware of it, so he was OK with it. I ended up just going home and drawing, using my drawing board, like the old fashioned way off, drawing everything up because I didn't have any design programs at the time. Um, Handler and everything did the presentation for her. Um, but I actually went to hers, Thio measuring up and everything. So I had all the plans and then I presented at Tottenham Court Road and she was just blown away and because she was like an old lady like she was just like, wow, these hundreds on maybe couldn't This

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is pacing great confidence boost for you. That's

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especially it. Waas it waas on. Yes, So you work for the presentation. She ended up buying a soda far on that piece of sideboard. Based on my presentation on my Joran's Onda, we kept in contact. So shortly after, when they left hills, she called me and said, Look, I need you again to help me through the piece of furniture So we went Thio another shop in Chelsea, to choose from shelving, and she was really grateful I put her on my email list. So she was up to date with what I was doing. And I think she reached out to me once again because she wanted to choose. She wanted a decorator, but then she went with someone she on about the power off like a mailing list which filled

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Greste killed my list. Well, I don't know. There's a whole day to protect the thing where you had to ask everyone's permission. Thio. If they have to have your list and your email addresses and it meant that literally. We had thousands on RD. Our ideas on demanded that we like 70 at the end. So we just go. No eso

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no consistent. I was before. I don't because I just got coat. Like busy. Yeah. So that's how on gay kids started. Oh, I need to say I actually went through the printed. His trust. Whoa, that heals. I went through the princes. Trust the cool remember program. They do like a week's a few weeks course where you learn how to do different things pretending to setting up a business plan. But I was actually I had already

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It sounds like you were headed to your head of that. But then just using those resources and you know, the facilities there, it's just another person to be a sounding board off. I imagine

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that was amazing on dhe. I didn't get funding because at the time I was working at heels part time. And so they said they wouldn't get me funding, but they can give me a mentor on dhe. I had a mental and also went through some of their courses, so they had different courses like bookmaking on the amazing one. that I went to that. Actually, I could, You know, say this is what gave me business is Dannie Richmond's S E O course. Yeah. He was really, really good on Dhe. That's what actually helped me. You know, I could Google helped me to get clients. Clients come to me. No, I say, where did you hear about, Like, way?

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Need to have a chat. When this podcast is finished, being you is talking. I need to know more about this. I'm rubbish at this, Okay? With the trade swap,

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that's the big secret behind how we started, how I actually started getting projects. The first project I did was completely free for a friend of mine as she had Assad. I wanted to dio his room to build my portfolio because at the time, I didn't have any Children. And that's the only way that I could stop. Uh, and I did that. And so I had one project on the portfolio. And then I think shortly after I got contacted, just before I found out I was pregnant by a completely a complete stranger on dhe ended up doing home. But she went quiet for some time. So for the four months that I was going through my born and sickness, um, and I gave up on the business. I was like, Look, I can't do this anymore because I've been pumping money into this. It's not making me any money. I just need to find something that's real. You know, I'm having a real baby now. I can't treat this business like baby. Yeah. So she I went on when I felt better when I start panicking after that. Okay, well, let me try with business again. Let me contact this woman who contacted me before I fell pregnant on dhe. See what she says. So I said, Look, I am pregnant and due in August, and I'd like to complete your room before then. She literally just responded straight away on the ball, and we started designing her daughter's room. Uh huh. On that was like the second that I did that recorded the most colorful nursery in London because it was like pinks and oranges. It was just really quite

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it is amazing. So if anyone looked on on one of your instagram or even like on your website m k k N k kids interiors dot com that the rooms you've done a so varied and I love that you know, that the one of the main aspects I think you've really tapped into really well in this quite a few videos you posted about this is about Children who are on the autistic spectrum disorder. So, you know, And so I'm just intrigued to know how you approach a family who got a child who's on the autistic spectrum. You know, how how does that process? And now does that design affect the room?

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Eso This actually started because I was working with my friend son, his artistic Andi. I was really concerned that he just didn't have a nice space or accountable space that he could retreat to. And I think at the time his nursery was actually painted yellow. I was just like, this is like the ultimate sin, like you call in pain, a baby's room yellow. It will make them crying, cause I used to read it about psychology, color psychology. So I I actually started with them and that he was very much into He loved creating art, so I used that as a starting point for working with him on. So we created like a masterpiece that he would have in his room, and he really, really loved it. I also consulted with the family, but because I was quite close to them, I knew, like how he communicated that you what his challenges were on dhe. I was able Thio design or propose make proposal based on based on him. You know, when I consult with families, I try and find out as much as possible about the child that I'm designing for what takes them off, what they really enjoy, what they look forward to. And, um, with all taste some autistic Children, they are the bite, they kick, they spit thejob, they hum scratch. And it's about finding out how these Children are, how they behave and designing around that designing solutions for them. It's about That's the approach that I have worked with. Make a Wish Foundation. I've done a couple of rooms for them Children, and what was refreshing is working with completely totally different people on the opposite side of the spectrum. Didn't really have much, but they had so much life. They had so much excitement for life, they had all these issues like, really, really, really sick Children because these Children then that they don't only have water, but they have other medical conditions that affects their day today. Live in. And it's like watching these parents do with it and see how soon how grateful they were. You know that someone actually took time out to design a space for them? Uh, I

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yeah, I find that I work a lot on, like, makeover shows. You know, we let Alan teach Martian stuff, so there's always a knell Ament of that, you know, and is Ukraine Gardens for people who who couldn't afford to create these gardens. But just your you said, so is so, is it really is the kind of not a one size fits all, because obviously all autistic Children are very different. But you said, like, you know, any of the color psychology? Is there any things that you definitely won't put in a room because of artistic child?

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Um, I wouldn't say definitely won't. So there are things that you have to consider. So things like a Chris ticks things like space plan in and probably zone in the space making space for everything they like organization. So we try and keep it super organized and try and label things so that they know where things are. I tend to just get them involved. So even with the two tombs are thinking about know we'd make a Wish Foundation. They were two teenage girls that they had two totally different needs because one of them actually required that special bed that could be a high adjustable bed on the other. She just wanted to have a mid sleeper bed or a bump it. But we actually designed the mid sleeper so that she could have so that it wasn't too high for her. And she also have storage underneath. But her room was Her room was literally a box. That was like the smallest thing that I've ever designed. Um, but in the end, it worked out for her. She didn't like she had an issue, we leaving cold at night. So we had to consider putting in blinds that would keep the crossed out. Um, she also wanted to see stars, and she was she reading like Disney princesses. So we had to incorporate those into her. So it's it's it's It's really about the Children what they need. So we would avoid we would avoid flickering lights. No, we would have weighed, uh, unnecessary some bones. So, for example, if you have, like, hard flooring, I would put rubs down to stop. Um, you know the noise?

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Yeah. QC and

spk_1:   20:56
hot phones. Yet having you know, if you can't have acoustic panels, try and incorporate something that would reduce the sounds and keeping the colors fairly neutral rather than going with, like, really bright, bold and take its interior.

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You talk about M K kids, interior colors. I I saw you. If anyone looks on your website, you will see you did this Lego room, This Lego player. Oh, my days. Well, I wanted it, like, literally want to live in that room. Looked maybe. Look, actually, I think they have the whole top floor of this loft and all the quirky spaces you created playhouses. Where if you imagine people have these awkward spaces in the eaves, you created a house front on it, and then you could go into another room almost through this playhouse. Itwas amazing

spk_1:   21:52
way actually have total freedom. Yeah, On that project, we never met the client. We It was so weird because that was, like, one of the biggest projects that I did. Um, not today,

spk_0:   22:07
but what do you mean? You say you never met the client? Why didn't you?

spk_1:   22:11
Okay, so they called me all these projects, So I was actually getting nasty at the time when this plane called me. And I remember feeling, like, totally know, just wanted to give up, just, you know, go through post natal depression yet. Um, so this guy called me and my guys never quit. Guys called me about interiors. They either trying to get Michael any, like, cheap luggage. Cheap deal. And they're not really serious women. I was just like, Okay, what if this guy wouldn't know? So I spoke to him. I went out into the kitchen. My aunt was there at the time, So let's start with the baby, went into the kitchen and have the conversation. And he was like, Okay, you know, we have this plane room to do on. We need a designer to come out and have a look at it, and I'm like, Okay, yeah, there is a consultation fee. Oh, but we need to find out if we compare for the consultation. So I was like, Okay. And then he was just He was very much he wasn't really trying to give away much. And then he said, You know what? Everyone that comes here they come and they over quote because of where we are. And even when he was talking area. So he then said that You know what? Let's I think we kind of scheduled for No, we didn't schedule anything. But I think a few days later I was on my way to my cousins to spend a few days in Hampshire on dhe. I happened to be driving in the venturing area, or I had just passed a Vinci area and he called me and he said, Medina, can you come on? Just have a look at the place that we've got permission from the client. Plead to come and have a look. Please have a look. I was in trainers. I was on top that had a hold on me. I was just, like going about what? Business is just Yeah, already

spk_0:   24:14
praying that the clients not there. Please don't let me meet the client in my truck keys,

spk_1:   24:20
and it wasn't changed any extension. So I was literally 10 minutes away from the place. I just parts the road. Andi was on. The bishops have been. Yes. Yes, I I didn't know about the Bishops Avenue until, like, after the fact. So I went there and had the had a look at the room, and I'm just like, Wow, there's so much I can do with this room. It's a very awkward space. What? You know, I can see so much potential. And then I left there, and I just thought, Let me just put together a proposal for their look. What's the most like What? What? What am I gonna news? So I put the proposal together. At this point, they haven't paid anything on dhe. They absolutely loved the proposal. The guy got back to me saying, um, he wants to know, apply it wants to know how much wood everything cost. Um, and they want exactly this. I was like, Okay, I'll put together a rough estimate of what I think it would cost. And I gave them two figures. I gave them the cheaper option, and I gave them the more expensive option. They went for the more expensive option.

spk_0:   25:34
Oh, that's when you go down. I should have added a little bit more on to that

spk_1:   25:40
building. Might be happy with these. Why charged that it was like what the whole build would cost. Yeah, we actually came in under budget, which was great, which we usually d'oh. And I was really happy about that. But when I'm when I'm finding that with a client. So after we started that sign proposal, I met with the client, and then she was like, I do want all these colors, you know, make sure that you keep it my brand colorful. Okay. All right. We could do that. Yeah. Yeah, they need, you know, the Children bit. Lonny loved it. It

spk_0:   26:19
was amazing where they have the kids have this whole top floor and exits all this unusable space That's too low for an adult. But for a kid to get in these little den behind a secret wall and just it was amazing. What have your

spk_1:   26:33
propose? Something for the space. And when I saw his designs afterwards, I understand

spk_0:   26:41
you're passionate about what you do in it. And like I saw one of your other designs. You correct? You'd like a hammock floor, like a like a mezzanine level out of hammock. How? How? How I I build lots of things and I get asked to build lots of things. And you, particularly even on the, like, Alan teach my show. And I'm very aware off off kids safety don't mean right. And for you here, you This is your business. So how much like creating it? And you see this little video of this kid climbing a process hammock and swinging down on these things like, Oh, my God, how do you cope with that? Like knowing that you know, your your you know, the the safety of the kids that you're designing for. And how do how do you How do you manage that expectation for the client as well?

spk_1:   27:31
Okay, so safety is definitely like the most important thing that we consider when we're designing these spaces. But it also depends on the child, the age of the child, how how they are. So, for example, the hammock floor. This child, she had beams in her room anyway, and she used to call across the beams without any Mama called me a bitch look like she loves to climb, but we can't stop her, so I just want to make it more safe. So that's what we needed people in that we made it more safe and where she could swing down. She had back that chain that was home from when the beams, Yeah, way just created an opening there or her so she could climb up. She had rocks to climb up onto the hammock section. There was a section that was just a We just put wood down. Yeah, so that it's like she could sit there and she could hide there, which is what she did on Ben. She could go on, come on the hammock or she could Yeah, it

spk_0:   28:35
was amazing. I looked and I just thought, This is every kid's dream that just makes me laugh out like this kid was climbing across these wooden beams in the rafters of her loft were before you were even there. Well, what I love about your business as well is how how it's evolved, you know, you know, when you get into it is on an interview. Lots of interior designers on you know your your whole practice is aimed at Children. And you could be you could be worried if crane a business where it's like you're you're you're being quite niche. But then I looked through your website on you know, this your strap line is into designed for Children and busy parents. And I'm like, Yeah, okay. I like that. And then I went further into it, and you've gone off on on lovely little tangent, like doing like baby showers, baby Kansi years, you know, like Like what? What what signed? How did that come about? So, you know, you create baby shower parties for people or even if people knew parents who literally don't want a shop and buy anything, you will go out and buy everything. I think you say something, like from a cop to nipple cream. You Leslie will buy everything on. I love that. So So tell me about that side of the business and And how does that work?

spk_1:   29:44
You know, I've been I have been organized in baby showers before. Before I had my big organizing baby showers. For others, Andi, I was I was always the host of the baby shower host hosting all the parties, hosted all the games on Dhe. I really enjoyed it, and I just thought, OK, well, you know, it would make sense to me toe at base to N K kids because I do it anyway. So that's why I did that. And also with the constant edge we had parents come to us where they literally they don't want to do anything. They just want Thio have everything done for them to say that the headache and way just offer that service because we do work. It's like super busy parents and high profile people. We do. They do have that big way. You know, I don't have time. We don't have time. So can you just do this? Medina And so that's why I started offering Those service is so initially I was concerned about being so niche and then I just you know, I just started to embrace it and also because I listened to lots of podcast and the American designers they always talk about having a nation can Well, I'll stick to my my little ish. At first it wasn't so busy, you know, like we got busy and especially as it's not just residential in 10 years. Now it's commercial spaces, So

spk_0:   31:18
yeah, because look, it aren't you. You create nurseries, bedrooms and play rooms or, you know, you know, even big areas you know, said that centers Children's centers. Do you approach them? Very different. Is the difference between a nursery, a bedroom and a playroom, for example?

spk_1:   31:35
Oh, definitely, definitely. So we're currently designing a day nursery that's due to open him. May Andi. We have to consider the different finishes, cause when you did was eventually interiors. You know you're designing for, like, one child or two Children. But when you're designing a commercial space plane issue, you have to think about the type of florin non slip. You have to think about the antimicrobial fabrics.

spk_0:   32:05
What's our rates? It you've lost me on that one. That's that. That's

spk_1:   32:08
that antimicrobial fabric. So fabrics that Yeah, okay,

spk_0:   32:20
resist germs as much as possible.

spk_1:   32:23
So it's bleach, clean herbal, wipe a ble. We need to think about the just A safety safety ex aspect is very important. Well, so we'll let women choose. And furniture. We're looking at furniture that has curved edges. It's something that we have to consider in residential too. But I think it's more being in nurseries just because you have certainly different Children. Yeah. So many different abilities that you have to consider.

spk_0:   32:54
And so many tricky parents. So many tricky parents as well. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, I do it. Just do you see what off said would like an industry as well. Do you catered? I if a client like a nursery? My sister used to be, you know, a manager of a nursery. So you know, she's got so many targets, you know, it's gonna be practical for her, but also often they're gonna come in. Do you get to see any of their breakdown of what's expected? So you can kind of create Katie or designed towards that We

spk_1:   33:27
understand, I think, for working with different. We've got until point where we understand what Austin expects. So, guy, the basic things are, you know, for baby, for every room needs to have a cozy corner or quiet corner for Children to retreat to. Also on dhe, you need to have lots of display. You need to have adequate storage and not just storage for adult that storage for Children, Children accessible storage for Children. Um, you also need thio have there are, like seven main areas that you have to tackle for letting areas, and you have to tackle or light design for when designing a nursery. So it's like, you know, understanding the world. Waitressing laughs on communication and language aren't so in the nursery that way, designing now. Did she have a space for area in most of the rooms on? Because we're just hoping that, like all that showed, the Children who start there will be until preschool. They'll have a truculent to enjoy the whole next tree and experience everything that we designed in the various routes. So,

spk_0:   34:56
yeah, I just like Alex that are passive cross for a few years. I think over the time that you've been doing this and it's just lovely to see your company grow, you know, it's starting out those other two places, but, you know, on butthole niche thing, I always I find it with a lot of interior design designed. Sometimes you can please too many people can be be nothing to anybody, whereas at least if I know the Idol home show highs, you in like they hire me in because we that's our target. Your you do kids interiors. I do d I y don't mean so that there's a reason for them to come to us on. I think there's a There's a big reason why people come to you because you're very talented at what you do. Thank you s oh, not well shows. So my final question I always ask my guests, if you like. This is a dream client. A dream client walked through the door on dhe ask you to design. Says let you had with with the loft one. Really? You've got free rein. I want you to describe to me your dream kids room budget No option on only I say what you drinking in Now, that's a bit weird. I'm gonna ask it anyway. There's no kids in at the moment you've designed it. You're sitting back looking at the the fruits of your labor. What you drinking on DDE? What? Describe the room to me.

spk_1:   36:19
No polish. Oh, where do I start? Okay. Oh, my gosh. It's so hard Ways e. I wouldn't expect him the ideal room, but I think to be honest, anything similar to what I did for the Lego theme rooms. So we basically had that huge space again, that we could just do anything and we didn't have a strict budget. And if we didn't have on the clients like input, um, then I could be free. I could be creative. And I think for me now, I can actually think of exactly what it would look like. But I'd like to have an oversized Abilene that I could just chill in almost like a bed. They had these whole table in beds that they're just ridiculously expensive, but they look stunning. I would like to be in one of those just chilling on DDE. I know you need a drink, and it's an immigration that I discovered the drink that I like. I didn't think it would be that drink. It's not I, like, must got a card, huh? But I think I just go for it.

spk_0:   37:35
Okay. All right here believes that you like you can have all the marshmallows, and you can have all the whipped cream in everything that goes with it. Uh, Medina Medina King. He's being an absolute joy. If people want you Thio mentioned it before, but your website is M k kids interiors dot com. But on Social Media's Where Can People Find You?

spk_1:   38:00
I am on instagram at NK Kids Interiors on It's also M K Kids interiors on Facebook on Twitter on If it's Pinterest, it's M K interiors.

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Okay, okay. And also, you have an empty shop and you've got our looks way we'll have to get you back and we'll do an art thing. But Medina has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for being on the podcast. If you get chance. Look at M k kids interiors dot com. Look at Medina is website on dhe. Find the Lego room. It is insane. I want it, in fact, talking about kids interiors. I was telling my daughter that I was interviewing Medina on dhe. She can kicked off cuffs, Right? Lise? How? Two years ago I promised that we would do up her bedroom on We haven't got round to it. So we made a deal that if we're locked down longer than three weeks, then I would salt hurry amount, which will mean I'll be giving Thorne down a call and seeing what pain I can use because lots of woodwork in her room and you can get 15% discount. Remember, by going to Thorne down, Dakota UK on typing in the code TV Carpenter and you can get that discount on all their online purchases on dhe. They are still delivering, so even unlocked down they could supply you with a ll paint that you will need. Thank you for listening. Thio TV Carpenter Next week is my birthday on dhe. If you want to wish me happy birthday, all you have to do is go Thio iTunes, Go to TV Carpenter on. Leave me a review that would make my day. And you don't need anything other than the old subscriber and review on the TV cop into podcasts. Paige would make me very, very happy. Stay safe. Stay indoors. On Dhe. Thank you for listening to the TV.