THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

Wayne chats with small space gardener Arthur Parkinson

April 10, 2020 Wayne / Arthur Parkinson Season 3 Episode 32
THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey
Wayne chats with small space gardener Arthur Parkinson
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This week I chat with Arthur Parkinson, Author of the successful small space gardening book 'The Pottery Gardener'
We discuss how to grow plants in tubs and create a beautiful oasis in the smallest of places.
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show. I'll be talking with Arthur Parkinson. He's an author on Dhe, a gardener who's managed to create the most beautiful garden in the smallest of spaces by growing things in Dolly Tubbs on metal bins.

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I actually so single thing gets, because I know that my pops is gonna be still looking nice by possibly having a So I didn't so a single seat to summer until, you know, sometimes it could be a Slater is the end of May. And so it's about knowing when you need to start thinking about punishing. Impossible. What's she doing with a backlog of have a lovely looking past spent books and you know you're seeing things. It was desperate because it

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out Hello and welcome to the TV Carpenter podcast. My name is Wayne Perry. This is a podcast where I inspire you to pick up the tools, have a go and create your dream home and garden, all by interviewing my friends from the world of interior design and garden makeover shows. If you have kids, you will know all about the rainbow movement, so there has been a big push for cues to draw rainbows on their front windows. so that when kids are walking by getting there, you know, one hour of exercise walking around the block, they can spot a ll These rain bows that that can lift their spirits on. We got round to painting ours this'll week me and my daughter, my 11 year old daughter, Eva. We painted our window. We did huge rainbow, and we used Thorne down appealable glass paint. Now Thorne down. As you know, my sponsors for this podcast on dhe. They've created this appealable glass paint that you use your paint on. That you would normally. And then when you're done with it, you little peel it off like a face mask and thorne down have bean amazing. And they're giving you 15% discount on any other online purchases. So if you want any paint from them and he would paint garden exterior paint or inside paint Oh, you want to get hold of some of this appealable glass paint? If you go on to thorne down dot co dot UK and put in the code TV carpenter, you could get 15% will be sent straight to your door. I was chatting with Caroline and bend the owner's last year, and they were telling me about how appealable glass paint came to be. So have a little listen to this one minute interview and they'll explain the magic behind this scaleable glass paint. Basically, a residence player came to us with this appealable resin on dhe just got us thinking about it. So we originally designed it as a greenhouse shade in pain because rather than these of the old ones, where you have to mix up the paint together and then paint it on with little smearing horrible at the end of this season and has spent ages like sponging and scrape in, washing it off with this, you literally roll right on Andi. Then at the end of the season, you pick a corner and you can have a pill whole sheets off. So it's a totally revolutionary paint. Among. We started to talk about how it's brought into the greenhouse shade in paint. It was then really obvious about the other uses for it, so the fact that it would be greatest conservatory shade in pain to swell. That meant that we then brought on the colors from all would paint joinery range onto that so people could have the same color skirting board as shading in there conservatory. And then, of course, there was all of the security and the privacy screen in on then all of the art and design by asking cross possibilities. So it it did take a while to develop it because we kept on creating more, more things and more uses for it, something that's worth saying as well about the rainbow movement. What was really nice is the next day afternoon, my daughter painters Theis Rainbow, we got a knock on the door and it was, ah, police lady and she snow tid our rainbow on because she said it was lovely. She dropped in a coloring book for my daughter, and it was a really lovely code books inside. It had a lot of information about what's happening, how we should self isolate on dhe, how you know, try and be happy and on by coloring and helping mental health and things which I thought was a really lovely thing to do. So yeah, so if you get chance and you want thio, do a rainbow in your window, don't forget you can get that 15% discount by going to fall down. So I'm my main event. I'm really pleased about this. Next interview notes with a really lovely guy called Arthur Parkinson. He is a young gardener. Hey, you had a book out on Dhe. I only discovered him because of a dear friend of mine called Yoli. She's Ah, local florist, has an independent Flores naming, and I've done some carpentry in in her shop. And Sandy, she's been really ill with The virus is totally wiped her out to the point she had to get a hospital. But I'm pleased to say she's totally on the mend. But if it wasn't for her, I would have found this guy. He is. He's known for creating amazing flowers and plants and growing amazing cut flowers in tubs. He has a small garden front garden up north on because you can't dig into the earth. So everything has to be grown in pots or uses the old dolly terms, which is used to clean clothes and back in the day. And he uses those on if you get a chance, a look on his instagram. You'll see these flowers on garden. The plant is just insane and amazing. He keeps chickens and he is eccentric in the most wonderful way on. I have the longest conversation with him. It was it was a joy to speak to him. So sit back. Have a listen to Arthur Parkinson as we talk A ll things Gardens in small spaces. Parkinson. Thank you for being on the TV carpenter podcast. I first discovered you are found out about you through a really good friend of mine. A florist called your Lee, and she got your book on dhe. She said she was actually stalking you online. Now, is that why you stalking this guy? Should you need to Look, you need to look up. You need to see what he does. What he does is amazing. What is it you think that that's made your success in your world? What What new angle are you working with?

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Been stretched to record of success. But my space, what I do is quite bold with color on dhe. I think what people like about me is I'm being Bobby put into space. This It's no, uh, a beautiful, big historic are so huge. Rap lick country house pile. I'm actually doing it very close by. It's the door. So I think people see that as a no. You think they find it easy, I think to take. Hopefully it's British because they see the reality in my space in their space. So it's just take you. Hopefully, well, I think I do is try and take the romance of daring of specks of a lot of large guards that you see try to put the interest

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to describe to me your this small garden. How small is it

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literally post outside? So about 16 foot long, but only by seven foot white is literally packed. It parts My, my God, there's no so stick into stolen of Blueprint campus. So I'm not pretending. I think you can pretend that you've got store girl. I get yourself a slogan. It turns out that law and a share in the Great House and just pray that serviced ball tonight and have those aspects where's all honestly happiest with their ledges. I also use my Nana's locket quickly, makes it broke, but in terms of the high guard is very much time.

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You exaggerate. So I've looked on your you're known for pots and and growing in these, you know, these big dolly tubs and things like that. But also you're known for your chickens, and you're you're pollinating bees. It's so so you say. So have you got We'll only do Instagram. This is beautiful old brick built house that Scott like mysterious climbing up. Is that yours, or is that Is that nuns?

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Uh, stupid tower Told you called your job, which I would not advise anyone to dio pace if I talked to my 14 year old so, so clever to set right you've got so yeah, that's supposed to be on track. A smooth still lives. I still live with my mom's on I look after my other men. Whose 94 in between working for Sarah Raven. What happened? What I did start hours of your time. God, I wouldn't think you stood to take you and left you. Um how Stop kill Sara was her God. And then she passed me up for a spell book recommended because you have a bridge. We'll check. He was a pop face country state contract was trying to crazy public. So I did that for years old time. Basically that became mired on trees that I became certain things we job had chickens, had to greenhouses, was producing flowers, vegetables. It was really Oh, God. Uh, that was I just realized I was working every day. Sentence? Yeah, I was, like, trying to ever say as well. So they have six it Chelsea Flower shows. I'd be the tree. A chance for David to stay till the day trying to keep going. Transplanted chicken. Such a guy stopped Ruben or crazy stuff like that. So eventually I just thought, This is no healthy and actually, it's not your was sorry I left last year. I think I think Hereafter first published a book about about Children that sits up sweat for Sara on a freelance basis. But normally I'd be working out this time of year for so I do that I want to destroy, to build up the gun hands trying to create for me.

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know what I've got?

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It is amazing. Like just seeing your watching your instagram videos and watching, You know, how you've created I think I watch a clip where you're saying, you know, you never go on holiday because actually have created like a trump card in your garden, and it's huge. These plants. A huge Andi. Just so amazing. How do you How do you plan your your these big pots and Billy Tubbs and, you know, talk me through your year of a planning of those.

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I think I think about respect anybody races I have made up a bed for. So I, despite my peak, a great place, which I would bury myself. So, um, if that's we'd really like to Cuba. And she had a guy we've got God knows all, uh, where was I? Like Davis. And I'd like some flowers. Sweet piece of tulips. So I'll never probably going to go away from those flowers. But I always think, How could I make that flower look, junior, you like exhibits, uh, from how I'm gonna grow it so I'll never grow just one thing on it, So I, you know, have a creative particular fight your day Dishonorable pro six s. So it's always kind of trance. Great color. Almost quarter snakes through God said pops and throw each other with color.

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then I tried speckled color with push start. Think about faux bitch. So regresses to just back up things. So it's not all about flowers. It's kind of like doing canopies. Almost like the very first time. That's my fault process. Anyway, I always think you back to, you know, bring thought his store to quit a job, that kind of thing. I'm not always looking at planned on it. So I think you have that. I work with all the things that I put with it. Yeah, that that that's kind of my fault process. But I also always looking, you know, looking up upstairs, so profitable. Go to Holland will see different branches that open. Coming. Uh, also, I think you make you know, village any exotic? Plenty. But I think you can't help but be expired when you're able to walk through the park houses by o'clock in the morning in July. You did? Why was battery? Well, kinda gross speech will be is dominating the plants. The punch of domination goes, so I'm just trying to pull that back into a pulp situation. Really?

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Yeah, because I saw on your on your excrement I found really interesting that you did like a planting mood board. Now I interview a lot. I didn't interview a lot of interior designers on dhe. You know, mood boards are a good staple of getting over your vision. But you created this move on. You cut out load of things from, like cutting our catalogue gardening catalogs. And I think you will like having one of your statements is like foliage and flowers, flowers and foliage. Never one without the other that you were kind of your constant and Andi think you'd on this mood board as well. You put things like height, form, texture, lushness and clout. I love that word. Clout s Do you kind of keep that as your as your just as your want. You plant that, Do you do you start at the beginning of the year, then go run with that mood board Or does it ever change

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case? Just a good thing to do. I find you got all these all these choice and I like it helps to see couple of courses before I'm so called about 45 things on that concentration kit has a rope for this, so you have to just go for it. So that's exactly what I find that the photos out righteously 100 before you see what matches so is exactly I do unitary designed to match it. I do. I do that back there. It's nice to have you here because that's the beautiful thing about basing of God on the handle show. You're not really plenty shows correctly you'll be doing every season, so that just make you very intensive. But for me, it makes it so exciting. It fresh?

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Yeah, you You say you d'oh like a spring show on a late summer show I love how you hell of how you treat it Like a show was amazing s described to me the difference between the two.

spk_1:   15:03
So the scripture just happening now is all. How did that? You know I to sample So it's it's growing things like kale and bordering bordering times like my owners and criminals which kind of black with adding but one to those are plants books in the Santa Effect, which is where you have

spk_0:   15:24
no one to

spk_1:   15:25
talk to people that gives you display from you know, this ship's the beautiful, respectful early march right away Thio get main Most so it starts with things like ropes. Hi. Sits on that builds up towards artilleries. Juice on that kind of ends with Valium ever knows. So it's just ensuring a very long displaying spring. And then once the Sprinkles have finished in late spring, you've got all the dailies to plants and your heart voice channels, which Cosmo state must grow plants, which don't quickly take a car. It's still a jungle like diamond. Quit because that Oscar that goes all right. So the first thrust into Saturday

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Well, what soiled the use for two weeks is any special song that use Elise?

spk_1:   16:17
Yeah, it's strange. The biggest question I get asked when I'm teaching full of post on Instagram Stephen is the first Oscar holds it. The answer is yes. Every single high users has been drilled holes in Scott's. You know, it's on the style of slaves, and grits doesn't make sure the water goes through parts. So so, so escape. Because that's the baby spell you with. With Julian is they get you. They actually brought and in terms of soil, I know I'm not buying soil every five minutes, so actually, I think I got his article. Very WeII. Repeat. So I'm looking after my sail much, much more recycling. So how to step to the whole parts when it comes down to strip through? Do they have I have a compass, which I make my night? Also, trying fights a lot She's got so out of it is just about rejuvenating your soil and looking after it's so cozy. Worms out, leave multi and if I need to buy, have started to spend more while a laundry. All composers from Dale Spits, which is made of very district. So I'm trying to avoid you going somewhere like Wickes by two must've composite equipped everywhere.

spk_0:   17:35
Yeah, so that's literally as we're all on lock down my guardian and I'm looking at all my pots And there there's a soil still in there. You know, the devil, you know, died off now, and I'm thinking I need to pay. I'm gonna paint them all and do them all up anyway, So I could potentially use all that soil. Mix it all in with fresh or Look, I think I've got a passing heat. And can you do that straight? Can you do you have to leave that to mix in for another year or do you Can you just just refreshing it with some fresh and some feed and things like that?

spk_1:   18:08
It's so it depends what you got in your part. So if you got vivacious training wheels coming off trucks, you can actually take out parts that would hurt little century plant music after the whole parts, you know, go through, go through the So make sure you find me for law, which I hope a little as the times getting parts of groups. Yeah, but that thing about having a little bit of training course court, you quickly realize that any the botanical garden show God, you go to those parts that you're seeing are not just left. You know that constantly. Takeout backup, I think, was his God is love to think all you can do things that once you planted that you can almost all the time even pitch just t o. So, yeah, I would encourage anybody. You go pop solid, grouchy, can't give things around. This is staying about right type, right?

spk_0:   19:06
Yeah. I've got three window boxes which are big old champagne crates, actually. And I do those every year. I remember once I brought back some bulls from Amsterdam. I was working over there, and I planted these balls and the tulips came up lovely. But little by the time they came up, I was itching to get rid of them so I could put my my summer stuff in. Do you find that happens with you? Are you like teaching to start your summer shell?

spk_1:   19:29
Yeah, very much so. So Actually, I always claps his comments it when I see people instructed anything. So I don't want to be discouraging when I see people. So yeah, a march 1st of all, I just think, Well, if your possible, the books a little even do those sleeping. So I actually so single thing gets because I know that my parts are gonna be still looking nice by possibly a so so a single seat for summer Until, you know, sometimes it could be his age is the end of May. So it's about what you need to start thinking about punishing. Impossible. Why should do it? Don't do no back talk. Lovely looking past spring bulbs and you're seeing things. It was desperate because it out. So success, you know. So this is quite a key

spk_0:   20:19
and I love that because I just I totally feel at the moment that we were all on lock down and people can order stuff and everyone's I'm literally gonna be digging up my garden and prepare my garden and, you know, you know, turning an hour and no, I'd have to buy a load. More soil. I kind of turned over a few things, but I'm like, Well, I had anything to put in them yet determined. And actually, it's quite nice to know you probably can hold off for a little bit longer. You have a problem

spk_1:   20:48
often on Boxing Day. That's because I would have left a Pot Pacific act. You know that? That is 43 piece suite. Please do like a long time to get a fruit stand. Where is, you know, sort of, Betty. Actual state they grow so fast in the cosmos. Could germinate within 48 hours at least. Prototypes. I don't. So you're just raising a lot of extra work yourself If you kind of cable gone by the sorry just have book. Yeah, that's what happened with preserving. If you've got a large garden, whole friends and they haven't got that it's It's almost impossible to go buy those same rules.

spk_0:   21:25
Yeah. So where do you get, for example, sweet peas? I love their like. If you haven't got a green house, when is the best time to put them out? When? How do you grow your sweet peas do? Because I think I saw in your on your instagram He said You put them in the spare room. Do you have a spare room, which you use as your planting room?

spk_1:   21:44
Well, Swee'pea Swee'pea is very easy because sweet peas actually love the colt. They can't cope with Wendell. Too much weapons, seedlings they actually cope well with called. So what is so, um, about five of them in fruit trainers, which is a kit of plastic long trips which they like to send a room standing to Announcer the kitchen will still on. There was Suzy. Each evening is two inches high. They go into a time little, lovely, many greenhouse that but I love which I think I got my care, which is the true just the perspex box on the whole seat tray of sweet piece fits in there. They're protected one wins on and that just keeps the 1,000,000 small from military jacket rewrites. Right until now, Um, just a sweet piece outside my street piece of inside there. Don't talk that way. So excited for about three weeks, and then they go out. As long as they got jokes from the others, they can't cope with winter on. That stops them getting ready and useless. You don't?

spk_0:   22:50
Yeah, but you're so your spare. Read you because you do you? Yes. Yes. Do you have a spare room for that?

spk_1:   23:01
Jesus. She's good parts. No stairs, really. House her staring at the front is currently full of crates of data's use that loves on the carriages. Well, but again, you can part days of places, possibly, man, and you'll still get a good show. And also some, too, right? She's growing up fast. So a lot of the varieties I just small bishops and singles and enemies. They they'll be in flower for the end of June. Compared to a decade or so, it's just hearing about habits.

spk_0:   23:40
So you're the book that you wrote. The pottery Gardner is a garden apart regarding a portrait. Garnet garnet. Uh uh. Well, tell me a little bit about the book. Then what was the thinking behind the book on What do people learn? If they read the book,

spk_1:   24:05
it was quite unique. Stick What? What? Why did the factory never stepped in? And it was just a constant arguments against factory in Garden. I found that you need I knew that something that was gripping people's imaginations. Visitors restoring to really come for the heart. It was different. It has a wonderful feel about because it was this year of state, just something God loves and stoking. It was spirit answer on the chicken element. It was very like farm Nadia. It was kind of my kind of style, and I think today will be grateful to start as well. So I stopped writing. The book had already started doing huge blocks on that, and I start attracting propitious first publishing

spk_0:   24:54
your chicken elements where your chickens captain, then yours or your mountains

spk_1:   24:59
that they were also financing because chickens do laps of grass is not aggressive at Michael's house. So yeah, they will capture my hands and they visit. God said you pass a controlling to go to space, to defect, to shoot.

spk_0:   25:16
I had I had chickens for about 2.5 years. Call that my daughter named Vanessa and pray lean. We live in the center of London, You know, it was the best thing ever. We're going down again, fresh eggs and things. But, you know, sadly, the foxes got them was devastating, Especially as it was my fault, because I had left the run open while I was in the workshop. Yeah, yeah, I think they got them. But they had had a good life being with him for 2.5 years, and they're doing well. Uh, what's your What was your, uh, attachment to chickens? Like, how did that come about?

spk_1:   25:51
I never want to the dog Or can I just honestly, don't want chicken subsets. Big little, uh, I was looking. My mom used to take his, you know, the country summit in my my grandma granted my whole side these takes a dog show holiday. We stay on that converted half dairy farm off carbon sight. Quite. Here's transfer. So I was exposed the countryside in a way that a lot of my friends school work. Uh, you know, I got to see a cow giving birth and I got used to having, you know, chickens around the tower where your holiday it wasn't exactly was that even I was from a town chickens and farm yards. That kind of thing was never, never really stopped to think. I always looked and looked, but I was exposed to it despite his being a townie family on Chancellor House at the time. But such respect she has actually Jumanji. Chickens in the appropriate car park running around. So that was eventually going somewhere. So grand. Useful? Yes, there was chicken special step car. We're trying to get a picnic. Uh, so So Okay, there eventually sweats. I was about seven chickens.

spk_0:   27:04
Got them quite early. Then you call them quite.

spk_1:   27:06
I just want, you know, that was everything I wanted. Was a child once pony or double appears to or wherever it was homes. And at the time, I don't really want to touch it. Yeah, I just find that comforting people was in that note. I like it because it's not having a job where they're demanding your attention all the time. That's why it's giving a few go hopes, you know, some say Well, looked after and given what I tried. So

spk_0:   27:34
so how many do you have?

spk_1:   27:35
I've got trouble. Don't best head swell about United steel stocks.

spk_0:   27:49
What do you do with them then, like, do you have? Do you call them? How do you do

spk_1:   27:54
so that the bullets with the heads of the season, a tent spike Nice hose with friends last year, you beautiful house and say that their heads, that looking, I'm pushing the car pulls out. If that's not practice, when you're hatching your education's, they're just tend to be a circus. The male chicks. This is the case, you know, They

spk_0:   28:29
e you know, I love that because that's you know, you know, whatever your ethical backgrounds are, whatever aren't like that we as a family, I purposely got chicken so that my 11 year old daughter is 11 now. Knew where chicken came from. He didn't come from a packet superstar or what, You know where Rex come from. We still let chicken, even though we have chickens and it was like Well, that they're the ones that supplies in X. You know that we, these ones and you know, I think more people should be aware of that. Rather, it looked like you just by your meat from the supermarket and not know where they come from. Yeah,

spk_1:   29:06
I always refused chicken over. Its is something that you anyway, cruelty is inflicted on those pretty much my my own cock course of a life that makes chickens wouldn't be able to dream of, you know, that little hat shoulder ahead. No, they're not being hatched. That Pelican Bay about it being just deny that for years old or so. Yeah. I mean, this is really difficult. I very pleased that, you know, there is a growing big of you to tell your movements. Uh, I mean, I started up this vegetarian when I was very little. It is only through brutal way chickens. I realized that God starts, you know, eating these beds because there was no way I could find homes.

spk_0:   29:50
You know,

spk_1:   29:50
the fact is, if you have lost a corporal's even even place, we have lots of couples pay literally break their hands, they start fighting. So there's no there's a real after cool way of keeping Yeah, more than one couple in a flock of hats. Yeah, So I mean that there seems to be in on it now that you know everything should be killed. And it's almost like we've become so desensitized from any form of but farming, you know, animal.

spk_0:   30:24
Yeah. No. So true. And I took it, really? That you're also you know, you you're tightening on your on your instagram. You always give a title of what you are. Whatever. And you you you say you're a florist. A swell. So does that come from gloat? Growing your own flowers? Did you learn to do for mystery that way? Always that always an old passion from day one,

spk_1:   30:50
the flat that perhaps I'm trying to do. You have to be called flowers and a fried home Having flowers court apart from Davis Cosmos sunflowers, Almost everything. Really from fire those staff dragons, they all looked at their powers court rather being allowed to go seat. They'll both. I don't get much bigger spending cuts. So after those, um, scoop Sara Ravens, who was tonight? The first person to advocate having a flower garden. And then I stopped working for I was going to push in lots and she was just equipment to cook flowers and, you know, blood because it's so. I actually find a flower Very inspirational rendering plant escape because you're like a king, the whole hall with your hands moist, and you probably see how plants and flowers, you know, react to each other. Uh, so, yeah, I was I was never closed. I definitely close now, Sarah, because that's one. A. My main job is assistant on photo shoots for the mail order captain, looking recruiting out the garden all day long. Ranging spouse is that they have shot. I just booked.

spk_0:   32:03

spk_1:   32:03
use that to God.

spk_0:   32:06
That's amazing, because it's almost like you're working backwards. So you're starting with a flower arrangement, you know? And then you say, working way back Thio, then deciding what you want to plant so that you should pay and recreate that Nina months down the line. Yeah,

spk_1:   32:20
very comfortable. So comfortable together, actually. Shoot. Great. Because they look so beautiful. It just always actually worked like Pierre Juillet. Quite often. Look amazing is the simple stuff your house where you want 60 in the garden. Never just too ridiculous and huge and heavy. That popular chewing the fat part, which is that smoky April pink. It was really ago last year. That would be really hoping God, it's cooler. It just takes away from me all the promise that I'll to say actually, last year, did you sure I was a complete disaster because I went on more what we've been taking. Various. Pathan. Why she's growing it just It

spk_0:   33:12
is good that you think you learn more from your mistakes that you that's when they say

spk_1:   33:21
so. It's surprising you no one ever knows The exact rulebook for gone, especially in this day, may say it's not due to Your habits have changed. You hear this? No step.

spk_0:   33:36
Yeah, it was interesting when it was interesting that you said that like last year's tunics display with a disaster. At what point did you go off? It's a disaster. And was it this happening for you?

spk_1:   33:55
I feel cold. No Cracker and Karen I. It was the shooter from finished. Nice, beautiful dress on all these things. Lileks. So my my color palette in my head was a straw. So all the pinky online that cheers the problem is often and cancel on their face crafted a state stage of their flowering time on. Often it's Julia looks his best just before Actually popular comes out, so I I had was literally like problem Gotten blow on kit by the door only wrong. Clueless on superbly. Why don't on the other side of the bar on pops up? You decide? I don't know. My favorite color is rich are rich red, orange, purple So I just got a clash which is too close to me. Oh, I just

spk_0:   34:47
quickly cook. Like I said, you get bored quickly. Let's give let's cut them by Mistake them up. Oh,

spk_1:   34:57
you know You know what you like? Yeah, it's like I said,

spk_0:   35:05

spk_1:   35:06
So, yeah,

spk_0:   35:07
it's a Cuban only it's all your fault, sugarplum fairy while you might be able to help me. So hide rangers, right? My mom hasn't these amazing hydrangeas in the garden, and she manages to get them, cut them so she can dry them. Whenever I try and do it, they just shrivel up on. Just looks at. How do you make it? You could hide rangers despite hydrangeas for me and tell me when's the best time to cook them so I could drive

spk_1:   35:32
them. Yeah, well, I like revenge is to be brushed when it gets a bit cold. So I intend to wait until browned about again. The first life rusts intense, most particularly the last purple leather baby blue ones that gay with nicety purple to suggest. Yeah, well cooked them. I always come down, sir. A pair of boots and a securitization. I've caught them at it through. That's all that. I think it invigorates the big kind, tractable shooting when you're actually quiet such next. Step off it from the middle. So wait until you have the first clue first and then actually put water. Don't know. I don't I never have been upside down. I never got that. So people do. So I always put my water somewhere. Not too hard, but you called. And sometimes if I really, really do not want them to look quite exquisite, I'll just puts one of those no buy shoes. And is that little package those like little seafood pizza

spk_0:   36:31
be endlessly

spk_1:   36:32
price with history. I think they call that as states had to drive five.

spk_0:   36:42
No, I've just been hanging them upside down, and then they just looked like deflated. They're just kind of fall apart. You

spk_1:   36:48
have to try. Try waiting population here to pick the life I never pick. Hydrangea went before it stopped Cult because weddings. I do

spk_0:   37:02
think one of the other things that I thought was really impressive on your instagram and keep going back to his rooms. People need to see your incident. Greed is beautiful after Parkinson, if you have anything. Okay, in the beginning. And you have this Amarillas green magic plant. And it was just in like a metal container, almost like a beer crate on dhe. And you then you and it was there were huge. But then you used silver birch twigs of silver. Best to help Craig Lee at the silver. Bert, have you just picked them as twigs? Or are they life or what? Described the silver birch from me and the reason for the silver birch against the huge and tall amaryllis screen. Magic points

spk_1:   37:47
so true. And it's so sees itself a little. Why not a little on the abandoned western sites that around trade nights, so anywhere that she liked me builder stones You will find your soul virgin in the wind style out going forward shop. I didn't load full release, but will sit with the data is sweet, please. So I could live with that. But you can't get it quite easily. If you called around, forage from what? Electricity? Lots that wouldn't trust walk out for it and putting in such a sweat. Okay. Let you come in for a judge? Yeah, but the good thing about it is it isn't roots. Where's within? Just roots and everyone Settle argues with over. Before we were there, we almost always sent out its roots apart. And then it was take So all the nutrients out problem with youth day or whatever to get stuck to it and still virtually so pliable. So electric plant in any shape you want Can you just put it away about the inside of a parts And then we hit on dhe I always abused. Guess first a virtual. So I you know, just absolutely things During winter, it's up to kick it and then actually deal with choir. All state power is inside summary Pablo steps and that always always fall over. And I hate see bamboo canes and anything, especially something like, however, it's probably doors. You just just makes it look like it's being controlled by those. I don't want any of my God like it's Mac Trump.

spk_0:   39:32
Yeah. Now let's look that super because she did this really lovely thing where you got your huge dolly tubs and you put the silver back like you say inside, the parts were all on the outside edge and they've grown and gone a bit wild. And then you plant, let you would. But plotting a horse's mane, you planted it into like a corkscrew like a obliques kind of thing. Said then all your sweet pea could climb through it on that even without the sweet pea thrown in there looked absolutely beautiful. And I was like, Oh, and you did this beautiful video, you showing how to do it and you're twisting it. And it all went to the top. And I was like, I should be happy that you look brilliant. Well, now I'm gonna have to do it. I'm not going after Well, I think I'll have a look in the garden or Nick. So I live with quite a few guns back on the quiet, a bit rustic as well, so I don't I've used big twigs and stuff to make wreaths like a door reads and Christmas wreaths. So I'm kind of used to that. And I love that kind of freeform kind of home made thrown together. I love I love that look. So, yeah, I'm definitely be stealing that idea from you. Every year in spring there's a plant that pops up, and I mentioned this before. The podcast is the bleeding heart, and it's every year it dies down to nothing, and then it comes up on. It just makes me smile because I realized I might keep something alive and it comes back bigger and better. And this year I realized you can even cut it as well and bring it inside, and it looks just beautiful and it sparks, is joining me. It makes me happy. Is there anyone plant that our flower that has that like an emotional memory for you? Or that sparks joy? What plan? To them?

spk_1:   41:11
I think I got the most droughts saying these bees on the planet right now complete alias. I think Davis cut the plant that keeps giving it. You know, when you've got the wrong foot, force full flow. You can't help but think always good spare lines. Yeah.

spk_0:   41:35
Now I like that one. So the blast question really the end of the podcast. I always ask my garden designers of God, nous tiu It could be something everybody got. It could be one of the gardens. You have yours or your hands. Or it could be when you aspire tohave. What can you describe to me? Your your dream garden? What's in it? On dhe also what you're drinking while you're in this garden. Yeah,

spk_1:   42:01
that's a genitalia flower with ice courage. I don't think I'm gonna said what big gun I've gotten in their neighbors. So I would have a very large paved area that would be full of dollars tops and old country trumps on. Then that would get out to an old church which would be comes with credit falls on DDE. My favorite eating apples. That's where I keep chickens.

spk_0:   42:36
So you still love the restrictions off the dolly tub? You kind of seem to crime video of

spk_1:   42:43
the day I met. You know, when you get old already I want to be a cloud that I got to take over in less than jar do no pulse. Yeah, everything comes with with efforts, so I don't see that as their exit outside. So no, I really do. But I don't. I don't crave for big gob go. Probably greater purpose, people that still gives to give you that. You just have to break that

spk_0:   43:15
well in

spk_1:   43:16
that way. Well, you got a great master.

spk_0:   43:19
And also you're a huge fan of Johnny Loved Joanna Lumley. So where did that come from? Your instagram is covered with Joanna Lumley. What's that about?

spk_1:   43:32
You're not with post. When I was there, you are just joining Beaver, which is vegetarians. International Bush animals execute this morning, and she was on the cover of this. This magazine about chickens. It think so did Adriana. Is Patsy for a long time? Uh, that said the bench was objects of giant peaches, bizarre spiker. And then, of course, came along orders that started. It was tropical countries. Look there and then eventually advocate friends with somebody was also a friend. And that's why I got so to start right throughout medicine trumps it just lets me feel like life's move living when I see her. Put him out of kindness and how we should treat each other and animal. So, you know, just answer everything that I believe we should be craving for on government should be craving to do Frizzle. So she she just she just moving because it's not just this. No, I like Paris. Yes, I do. Everything she stuffs was a person. I mean,

spk_0:   44:38
she's on if you've ever if you ever listened or red hair autobiography. Sorry. Her story is a single mom is amazing and everything that she went through to, you know, to raise her son. Yeah, she really is an inspiring, funny lovely lady. Arthur Arthur Park Assist in an absolute pleasure. Speaking to you, I could keep talking to you forever, but he's being an absolute joy. I hope you're your granny's. Okay, Andi. Andi, Your self isolating with hair of the mo marks through through this tricky time. But it just means you get to concentrate more on your garden on. Have fun with your chickens. It's been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for Ah, thanks for talking to me on the TV Carpenter podcast. You got to show that you can create something spectacular just by using Tubbs on dhe. Some large pots. I have to get past the look on his instagram. You'll see the beautiful plants and flowers that he manages to create in his space. Oh, I hope you enjoyed listening to that. It was great fun to interview him. Don't forget if you were one that 15% discount you can contact Thorne down, Doc. Hold it UK and put in the code TV Carpenter take full advantage of that. Get drawing those rainbows. And who knows someone might knock on your door and give you a coloring book as well. On Dhe is I hope you're all staying safe and I hope you're staying well on dhe. I just keep thinking this is just a bit of quality time. I get tau have with my girls on dhe, you know, a little turned around. Everyone's panicking about work and money and a ll these different things. And what's interesting is we've all got something going on, but collectively, we know it's not gonna last forever on dhe Emma's long as we stay healthy and stay well, stay safe. We'll get through this so hopefully we'll see everybody on the other side. Thank you for listening to this podcast on dhe, as always. Thank you. Listen to me. Wayne Perry, the TV cop