THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

Wayne chats with House of Upcycling creator Chris Billinghurst

April 17, 2020 Wayne / Chris Billinghurst Season 3 Episode 33
THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey
Wayne chats with House of Upcycling creator Chris Billinghurst
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This week I chat with Chris Billinghurst, the director and creator of 'House Of Upcycling'
We discuss her directory that creates an industry standard for the best artists in the Upcycling community.

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today's show I'll be trapped me, Chris billing Hearst the director and creator off house of up cycling dot com She created the first UK is Professional up Cycling directory

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was it was all not very nice and people saw it as, ah Hobie s game. And so why would they want that in the home? They wouldn't. They rather get happy, tells Kayo or wherever. So what I wanted to do was to turn that around on dhe thio, ever they up cycling and to make it seen as a wonderful, bespoke, unique and very attractive thing to have in your

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home. Hello and welcome to the TV carpenter podcast with me weighing Perry. This is a podcast where I get to inspire you and encourage you to you one pick up the tools but also to think about design thing that garden design and I get to encourage you and empower he to create that dream home, especially even more so now that we're all locked down in our homes and our gardens is quite funny. I'm sitting here on my hands, are covered in paint in Thorne, down pain who are actually my sponsor for this podcast. I'm, I set myself a little challenge where I'm building a big birdhouse. It's been like a dovecote wall mounted dovecote. My my mom's birthday's her 60th next month on I'm using up all the old materials and anything that confined that's in my workshop. Just sold after gone by anything on dhe. I've bean using Thorne down pain. It's an exterior would pain. So it's perfect for this dove Cote is ICO friendly, so it's gonna be good for the boat on. My hands have absolutely covered in it. But what I love about it is you need minimal preparation, some minimal. I didn't need to undercoat. I just used their watered it down and use that as an undercover and then give it some top players. So if you check my instagram, you'll see these big bird box. And actually, it's a bit of a surprise for my mom. Thankfully, she doesn't really listen to this podcast on. She's not on Instagram, so she doesn't know about it yet. But yes, I did a little mini interview with Ben and Caroline, the owners of Thorn Down Andi. It's one minute interview and explains what make Thorne down paint brilliant that it sticks to anything. What I love about Thorne is minimal preparation needed. So it feels like you fill that gap from chalk paint, so I wanna know what the difference is. That difference is there's lots of resident which bombs very well with actually any surface, like get plastic and metal as well as wood, and there's very little filler at all. And so you just got the resident there with colors and everything else that makes the paint work flow and nothing to die like that in a way, you understand that. So you know, the resin is able to bond to the substrate and not to not try and just hold together. Not counting What? Why? You see, love is when we when we first met on the first episode of Love, your garden, I mean you, Ben, we we use it quite a lot. We used all over the wood or all over the outbuildings and all that even David Donnelly was using with We were using it on all the pots and all that. And then a year later, Caroline, you came on Andi were working, and I remember David Domino was like that blinking paint isn't he loved it, but it meant he's gingham shirts. News thing. It's still stuck to my I can still see that pain on your laughed and joked that you use it. It's not going anywhere. So strong is and so good. And I love that. The fact that everyone knew how good it wasn't it covers everything, but they had a warning with Think about. If you fancied a little mini makeover on your garden or sprucing up the garden furniture, you can take advantage of Thorn Down's kind offer. They're giving 15% discount on any online purchases. All you need to do is go to Thorne, down dot co dot UK and type in the code. The TV carpenter take full advantage of that on DDE, talking about up cycling or creating or being creative of the moment. They're saying, With this lock down that's happening. People are learning new skills or having the time to do all those Yeah, things have always wanted to do you know, up cycling, furniture or painting or crashing on knitting or anything. Everyone's going out with a new skill if you're loving it and you think that potentially, you could earn some money from it. My next guest is the person you need to listen to. Her name is Chris billing Hearst, and she created a website a, um, a directory off up cycling of professional up cyclers called House of Up cycling dot com. And I've known Chris for quite a few years and what she's done, she's create a bit of an industry standard for up cycling because we know that they used to be a lot off out there. Not people used to try and sell it on, you know, on all these sightings, craft sites. But what she's done, she's created this amazing, like, say, directory, where it's an industry standard off excellence. So you might already be doing something You might already have a business where your your painting things or furniture or creating lights or doing beautiful pieces of artwork and you want a directory and you want support that can help you make your business and move your business to the next level. Then you definitely used to listen to my next guest. So this is the main event. As I speak to Chris billing Hearst from House of Up cycling dot com. Chris Chris Billing Hearst off Houses up cycling Thank you for being on my podcast.

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You are extremely welcome way. I'm absolutely psyched, to be quite honest talking to You're really honest. This is my first.

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You're not 66. No, you're not.

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Yeah, sure.

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Wait, We won't know. You're welcome. And you know what's lovelies? We've known each other for a few years. When I was doing that. Still doing the dio ideas we met because you have this amazing community off up cyclers on. We're gonna be talking lots about that. But you know, you you you kindly introduce invited us into the fold and we realized that, you know, the d ay Dios could help some of Europe's I close, especially being practical with tools and things. And so we've known each other a few years, And what I loved about meeting you was your infectiousness. Like you say you're I wasn't gonna say our age, but you're 66 but you were ahead of the curve in social media and all of these things. Well, before I'd even picked up any of that Twitter and instagram and any of those things that you were doing it well ahead of time. But I want to know more about your background. So, yeah, tell me a little bit. You Were you in interior design? Know what was your What's your background?

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No, no, no, not at all. And I never, ever say I'm going to designer because I know a lot of interior designers on. I think it's slightly rankles when you put professional interior designer and you haven't got or the experience on dhe the training that they had. I tend to kill myself if I could call myself anything apart from the lady that runs the house. Up cycling. I call myself an interior decorator. Uh, obviously, with 60 see cheese behind me, we could talk for about five hours about trying crazy it much like that. I stopped it, painting and drawing, probably from the age of about three. That's all I ever did on Dhe. As I grew older, I became really interested and fascinated by interiors on dhe. I didn't actually go to art school. I used to hang around with a lot of my friends who did fortunately, you know, right. But I went along the route of getting married on dhe. I was marketing on dhe. I went toe i t. But same time I was also running a little creative business. Soul does things. I was painting poor traits and all sorts of other pictures and creating items end up cycling. I can remember way, way back, probably others about 18 or 19 up slightly all sorts of things, mainly because I couldn't find what I wanted at the price that I was prepared to pay. So my career I worked at the Advertising Standards Authority for about eight years. I was in now I t department. I was there training on Dhe help this manager. I've worked in all sorts of other all industries in marketing and at the same time, I've always kept the creative side. So I've always been being doing something when I have to speak up. I used to paint murals, so it's always been there. So my my sword back money is very, very light was acting at

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How comes? I never knew this thing like me.

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About about 13 40 I will even younger. I went to acting school, started off doing hope dancing thing that time school. I did all the land, two exams. And then I was going into singing when I was sort of a teenager and a little bit older. And then Then I gave that up, probably my late twenties, because I never I never thought I wanted to be a superstar. I don't know if I'd have been offered a job, maybe other taking it, but I just really enjoy the I've just really enjoyed singing on being on stage, and I was blown away when people used to applaud really for May. And it was such fun. And one of the things that it for my eyes to because the band So I were in. You know, the biggest gigs we did will probably, I don't know, a few months of people, But the feeling well, you know all about this feeling you get when people applaud on really right for you. Do you come off stage and you are so high. It's just the best feeling on, and I can understand how you know you're superstar, how difficult it must be to come down because, you know, we were We were just small fry and it was such a fuss.

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I think It's just interesting that whole applauding thing is, you know, I think my listeners will know that I used to work in West and shows and on TV and stuff. But we were saying before this party we started recording a podcast and how you know, I think it applause is an instant way of getting some kind of feedback from your audience. But I find now that just by making something, you know, if emptying a private carpenter gig for somebody, I'll build a wardrobe and then they come home from work and it's built and I get to do a bit of a look what I've made. I think I get the same buzz from making something on Dhe. Then I did performing Jenna Mean, and I think that's where your Yeah, I think that's where your people you represent with me up psyching world, they get that buzz by your audiences that you're creating.

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I think with good this will. The whole creativity world isn't. You know, if you're creative, you get that bus back, you say from where they speak from your client or whether it's something standing in front of you applauding and you're saying Yeah, you're going down the right route and with with our I call them associates are members of associates. They blame me away with what they do. It's just incredible. I mean, I absinthe steel upside with something this weekend. Actually, I was upside your wardrobe. No more drinks at a sideboard. And so it's something that I've been doing so for years. But I know I would never say my professional acts like that. Why do is bad. But, you know, it's not what I do, but with our associates, their work is sublime.

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you'll see some of them.

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No, of course you were gonna talk about as well. Yeah,

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we've got a 12 associates. You're doing demonstrations on the upside click stage. So I'm really, really proud of them. We will say no. One lady called Gabby Redman designs. I believe that's a business who is having a stand there as well as, well, it's demonstrating on dhe. These guys will talk the game, and I mean, I'll let you direct our chance, but obviously, in how many years we've been back six years, it's gone from Mike. My expression is we got from the ship to show

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Yes on that. And that's so true. So let's six years ago you started life a little hashtag up cycled hour. So where did that seed come from? What made you start that? To start with

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2010 I, uh, again, I was doing all sorts of different jobs. I decided that I was going to stand up, be counted because alongside my interest in creativity and interiors on up cycling, I've always being very, very interested, intrigued by this whole environment called situation. What a lot of people don't realize is that there was concerned about the environment going way, way back when talking about the beginning of the 20th century. So this is not new, Andi. I started to become even more interested going back in the nineties when I was painting a mural in a client's child's bedroom and they asked me to paint some furniture. They had a court which waas, a family heirloom believe blocked one of grandparents. Andi were things I always said. You probably remember, though, you're a lot younger than me. But people used to talk about that new house smell. Yeah, which actually is the chemicals in paint that time play is really want boys like you have and that really concern me because it used to make my eyes water a lot on dhe. I thought, How can I do this? You know, with the paints that I tended to mix? A lot of my paints are used in your kid's bedroom myself, but with the paints that I would have to use on a piece furniture, you know, I thought, How can I do this when there's a baby going to be in this court? Because if it makes my eyes water, what's he going to do to a small child? So I have started investigating, and this was before. In 2000 and 10 there was an EU directive which changed the amount of chemicals that could be allowed for paints in the UK on dhe, I was just astounded of what was in pain and how toxic is on. Then I get doing more research and say this was the 20 century visible in the 21st century, cleaning out that there had Bean, a white paper from the World Health Organization which said that I think and again, you know, I'm quoting something talking my head. So please, if anybody stand, I'm wrong, I apologize. But I suppose I remember they quote a figure of around about 40% off people who use paint during their perfection to help their lifeline. Confession. We'll end up with some kindof complaint. So I thought, Whoa, that this is a huge because obviously I wouldn't mention that they are taking that figure on the downside. You know, it's probably going to be a lot higher in reality, so it OK from that? So I started a business around about you does not give them. Take Woody Koshi Cafeteria's on, And that was really to help advice people on the decoration products that they would be using thio. Encourage them to up cycle or to find a professional excite, cook out cycling Thio, change what they have into something more modern. Ah, nde To create what I call in any Koshi interior. It'll also Jane incorporate vintage, so that was because she interest on Dhe Way were doing really well. I was giving talks which were lovingly called. He could shake your home talking about flooring. Talk about lighting every element off interior design, try to keep it like some of the facts of figures were leaving of utilities like rapids in the headlines. Why didn't we know this? We should know these things. And then off the back of that, as I was saying, when I had a client company wanted help to ICO, she karu, often they don't want to divvy up psyching themselves. So I was looking for a professional cyclist. I was also building the up cycled out brand because upslope on our became an hour on Twitter and I thought maybe I would come across maybe half a dozen 2030 professional knock cycles, but oh my goodness, there was so many off them on. The one thing that came across was, they all feel felt quite isolated. Most of them didn't know anybody else that was doing the same sort of thing. And we talked about all genres in professional cycling. Frontier is not just about church. Praise him too badly, creating lighting our time accessories on dhe. I was talking one day to a lady who was also running on our Twitter called Victim. Find out who's Sarah Webb Big, however affected to Sara Jackson. Actually, Jane went on, and she said to me, Wish Juries, Are you gonna do you have to So I'm, like, really like. Yeah. Okay. Do that. So in September 2014 I sat at my trusty Mac with a large glass of sherry is on Dhe thought I'm gonna be sitting here talking to myself for now, and one person came onto the out Two people, three people more, more. And I think the first day we probably had about 25 people and then over following how many years to do it. We did it for five years.

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I remember it because a time we were filming the Great Interior Design Challenge. And I remember because a lot of people were talking about that on there is there. But it was a celebration of people's work. And then, you know, I'd throw in some bits and we don't. We'll retweet them and comment on them and got what paint did you use there? And how did you manage to get that rivet there? And how did you attach that to their and? And it just meant you found this little immediate family. And I remember organizing my week so because it was an evening wasn't it was like 78 o'clock is in the way you Tuesdays and we would all have between 78 would sit on, be on Twitter my life. What you doing up So I can't go out Tuesday night. We've got the up cycle our best on but you let us take you And then you so kindly organized events like not just down south of North, where people would all get together And I've met so many like friends who who come to these events And, you know, you don't

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get so court I think that particularly in this world of social media, because I know we have videos and then we have sound That's great. But, um, it's always being quite flat medium for May. And I think excuse me, meeting people in real time is absolutely king to any community because, you know, you have a different level when you start speaking people face to face on and you share. You know what you're doing. You talk about your business, you have a chat about your personal life except exception. So you build up really valuable relationships on dhe. I just thought it was so important to have some social events for as we were upside down and they were always great fun on that particular one. I remember where you came to Guilford.

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You had Steph work were there, which was really busy. Oh, my Lord, that actually went down instead of a straight up, cycled out history book. I

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from that There were some other remember being there on just saying to everybody because we were talking talking about the show. I think we're in the second serious season or on the great into his own challenge for BBC. I remember just saying, You know, you guys, if any of you want, want to be intuitive than you want to be on the show, go on it, Don't be scared. I'll be there to hold your hand. I mean, I know some people went on and did like Rob went on to do it. And then we met a verity from Rascal and Roses who actually was one of the contestants on interior design masters on this latest Siris on She's actually been on. The podcast is Well, I've interviewed on the podcast.

spk_1:   21:19
She's an absolute jam, and she's such a such a lovely

spk_0:   21:23
lady, a

spk_1:   21:24
true professional on dhe. I love what she does. She's actually industry partner of the House of cycling. It's it's very unique. She's Ah, here thinks he's S P s. Yeah, what they call a member. And yet she's a great girl. So yeah, it has been the joy of running this organization, like you were saying to meet all these incredible people and they're all nationwide UK. Why? We've got a few in Ireland as well. On dhe, they're they're absolutely amazing group of people And I'll, you know, I'll be honest. When I started up cycling out back in 2014 I honestly thought it was just going to be a little, you know, part time extravaganza or every cheese unite. But he became so big that I actually had to put you Can she interiors on the shelf on

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you and you have really turned in a new way as well. If I'm being totally honest, it was kind of at the time up. Cycling became kind of trendy Onda also, there was a lot of took out there. There's a lot of naff interiors, and what I liked you did without without alienating anybody or being mean to anyone, you kinda went. We have to create an industry standard. We wantto improve the the expectation of war on up Cyclery is. And if you want to sell your stuff because I know that that the form of etc and all the market places online marketplaces meant that anyone could sell anything but what I love what you did is you went OK for you to be, you know, part of this group. You need thio up your game a little bit and prove that you're creating worthy things that worthy of being bean sold. How important was that for you when great in this business

spk_1:   23:10
tremendously. Because the problem is with an industry that has a slightly How can I be kind if I'm gonna be kind I, you know, going back to the jungle And he started genre much of Chevy. She you know, at that time it was formal Chevy than she and my eye was expired in the fashion industry, because what happens is people by factions with Lake, it's a marks Spencer's or prime A or cause or Christian like watch. What happens is it's launched on the catwalks in Paris and Milan, and then it filters down. Now what happened with professional up cycling was the reverse. It was all not very nice. And people saw it as, ah, hobbyist game. And so why would they want that in the home? They wouldn't they rather go to Happy Town, arcade or wherever. So what I wanted to do was to turn that around Andi Thio, ever they up cycling and to make it seen as a wonderful, bespoke, unique and very attractive thing to have in your home. You know, whether it's furniture, lighting or after whatever. And that took around about 3 3.5 years to four years to do. Yeah, it was very difficult when he started having said that, we had our first event in 2016 in Brighton, which was obstructed our lives on dhe. You didn't come for that? No, Steph came

spk_0:   24:43
today. She

spk_1:   24:44
had a little stand. What? You're away?

spk_0:   24:46
Yes, I was aware that a guess

spk_1:   24:48
on dhe it was tremendously successful. We any honey for one day, but bright, big, bright, always very open till he's wanted for new ideas. People that were coming to the event were saying to me What? Why didn't we know about this? Why haven't we ever seen this before? Because it's just a mind blowing concept. There's nothing by. There's no negative because not only are you saving items of materials and I tend to look up cycling no. You know, I never talk about trash to treasure or anything like that, because to me it's just saving materials. You're saying something that always has been formed into your piece, virtual ready. But it's material, so it's materials that are there for the taking on dhe. They would just blown away and they couldn't believe they never seen any of this. Right off the bat, we had another one following year on DDE gradually gradually has bean baby steps. I wanted Thio. If you infiltrate the professional security sign, industry and Thio show them how great it is to include up cycling within a project on because of the problems of the environment and not any of our because of problems we have with well, being with Sloane all sorts of other unfortunate conditions that sometimes are caused by what we're using in our homes interest group. So thankfully, did group

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spk_1:   26:17
Now we're situations where we were completely blown away by being accepted as an industry partner by the British Institute of Interior Design Re something big, big thank you to them for obviously including us in this wonderful one before organization needs to do the only UK institute for its design and it's it's all do it all down. So to the standards that are associates of working too. And sometimes people said to me, You know, you should just invite everybody, anybody, it's personal outside. Well, I say no, no, that wouldn't work. Because at the end of the day, if you're gonna elevate something, you have to have the best on dhe. People can never, never say to anybody applies. You could never join. I might say, Perhaps you're not quite ready. But if you're gonna be the best, you know you need to be surrounded by the best. And that is how we've got to be where we are today.

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Yeah, absolutely. And it was interesting because I, um I'm working this year at the Idol home shower. Do my usual deal items, but I'm also doing some up cycling talks and ideo I make copper can't labourers. I do that because it means that can use tools as well and show people how to use drills and different things on. There's a lady there who books me for that. And she said to me that we've got this new up cycling stage. Do you know any good up cyclers who people who commit inspire people and I get No, I wanted it is. And you know I did. I said, You need to look up Chris billing hearse and you look up back then I knew it was up, cycled our asset. She's got this up, cycled out. Then you need to check it out. And I know what happened. She actually could. Becky told me. She She then contacted a load of your associates, and then your associates then rang. You went being content about the Idol home show, and then you rattles. You spoke to her and was kind of a bit forceful, apparently, just a bit like what's going on? I want to know what you're doing and what's happening. And then she was like, Now I want to know, what do you want to celebrate them? And I think you all got on board, and then you helped her fill the slot. One thing is you really care. You care enough to make sure that your your members are looked after and not being taken advantage off. So what was your conversation with her then? At the idol Holmes. How did that

spk_1:   28:38
somebody last week? You're a bit like headmistress, and I so hard if I would be mistress. But you know that, you know, in any fledgling industry, is this going to be things that happen behind the scenes on dhe? You know, sometimes somebody has to say Yes, that's fine. But actually, no, that's no way find acceptable on what happened. Yeah, like this morning. So I said, You don't don't tell me you love 11 because I have so many messages People contact me about all sorts of things. Get just questions, general questions and very student topics. And what happened with Becky was that a couple of our people let's go back further when we're a grand designs live in October last year, we had to stand there really great, and the ideal home actually approached me a few times about being involved in some way. And although I didn't necessarily feel it was actually what I wanted for the house buck cycling, I said to them, Well, you know, we've got loads of amazing anti Sands. If you need any of them, have a look on the web site because we have a directory on dhe, then one of our members. Okay, hold from me. Katie came to me and said, I've been approached by the ideal home show. I'm No, you know what? What is this about? Do you know anything about it? Andi? I didn't. And then somebody else approached me, and I thought, Well, you know, I'd better find out what's going on because I'm gonna get asked again. Is this all about? So Becky and I had a conversation and she she was a delight on DDE. I think at that time I actually said to have you looked at the direction. She said they just don't have intercourse on our instagram account because you'll find everybody on there and then won. Another person came along on a demonstration in office. I think we've got 12

spk_0:   30:29
moons, you know,

spk_1:   30:29
doesn't who are demonstrating, which is amazing. It's really good for them because increases their confidence. It's really good for the public because they are watching people who do this for a job of work. These these guys do this every day or, you know, somebody did contact most abject full time. But that's where the phrase all the expression, rather professional upside that comes from, they do do it to make money. They are not just doing it because they like painting furniture or for whatever reason. And I think it's really important that the public know that there are people doing this as a job of work. One of the things that came out funny off when, when I was on the stand, a grand science life was I was talking to a visitor on Dhe. She said, Do these people do this in their spare time? And I said, No, no, most of them do it as a profession on this lady had no idea she even even after all these years, that everyone is. She had no idea. And I think ironically, the professional interior design and designing ST get it now they totally get it because there are so many high standard up cycle is out there, but it's now trying to get it.

spk_0:   31:42
Yeah, on absolutely. And seeing that, I think that's why I suggested you guys t the adult home show just because, you know it's It's an amazing opportunity for the for your soc is. But also they're going to be good. Do you know mean on dhe? That's what I love. You've created this this, you know, the house of a sighting where people know it's an industry standard. Now there's not really loaded. Turn it on there thes good stuff on. Do you know? I know that magazines and papers and things come to you. So tell me a little bit about the house of cycling is a membership site. So if you know if I'm in after that at home, I'm working on a painter and I make furniture or do things. What's the process of being accepted within the House festival?

spk_1:   32:27
The criteria is, you have to be. I have been practicing for at least 12 months professionally, so you must be registered with a gym. I'll see. Or you could be a company to be running a company. You must be actively selling online or the High Street and door taking commissions on dhe. Obviously prime factor you must be creating. I consider a really good standard. We have had so many people issue since January this year. I've been inundated. I I've got two people working with me now to try and get through this because everybody's application is looked at carefully and individually and only saying merits. And we have now got a council within the House of upside Playing off left 11 people who have all been with us at least three years. They're all professional, cyclist, because I felt that we'd reached a point that I couldn't make these decisions fairly mice just myself anymore.

spk_0:   33:32
I had

spk_1:   33:32
to pass these out to other people who actually were working is outside, please. So they could look at the Web sites, they could look up the items that were being creative and make It was a consensus. A group decision, Yes, we think these people already and again, I've never say never to somebody. I'd say these are the reasons why we don't think you're ready. So if you want any more help than you know, we'll try and help you go away. You know, maybe tweet this, learn that a bit more and then reply and have a look I don't take. Everybody will be asleep for the reasons I've explained, but also we don't want with unique. We don't want a membership off thousands of people. What makes us unique is that I end the people I work with 10 to no, most of our our associates fairly well. We try and get to know how they work, what they trying to achieve sometimes you know, see what they have. Their personal background is because I have a knock on effect with their work. Andi. So at the moment, I'm trying to keep the membership this year 20 2220 people.

spk_0:   34:43

spk_1:   34:43
because that then we can keep on eye on what's going on. We can keep in touch with them in my in box this morning. 57 e mails, and that's that's not unusual. So we have a lot of communication and going back to the early days of upside. But our that has always being Yeah, three key, the key to the door that we are there for our professional community because without support, you can't move forward and That's how we got to weigh our today.

spk_0:   35:19
Well, Christy, you're you're an absolute legend. And then, like you say, you're not a headmistress. You're just steering a really important shit. That's what happens after these parties. But we don't. We didn't read immediately to go to any more detail about a day end of my podcast. I always ask my into designers or my crazy people to describe normally for you would be like You're not which way to go with its normally for gardeners, I get into design their their Their favorite garden for interior designers is their favorite room. But yeah, I wanna do favorite review So it could be a room that you already have or the room that you aspire to have. I want you to describe to me what's in this room, how it looks, how it makes you feel and also what you're drinking while you're in this room.

spk_1:   36:11
You're saying that your

spk_0:   36:19
money is no option.

spk_1:   36:21
Yeah, this is a difficult one, because it's a bit like when I got moved many times in my life on it. I'm unfortunate when these people that I tend to love a brick house like to see because I could visualize what could be done with it. So you know, whether it's in a really rough state or Christine, I think, Yeah, that's going to do that. I don't want any favorite room. Oh, um well, this is a difficult one because I'm gonna go for a living room because that brings speak together on And, you know, I do like being surrounded by people. My favorite room would it would have to have elements of black and white because every single house I've had, I've had at least 23 rooms are either black or white or whatever. But having said that, I also like some bright colors. So I'm actually thinking about my main living with Mabel, which has elements black or white. But he also has purple. What raid has emerald green. So when I go into that room, it ignites. Something inspires may and it makes me feel positive as faras The furnishings, of course, is up cycling. I mean, my my living remember saying painting a sideboard over the weekend which is actually had many lives before I paint it, it was taking parched with Kelly. Copy anybody like you

spk_0:   37:45
can help

spk_1:   37:47
drinking Kevin talking more paper because the room had e said, almost like a baroque fields, black and white and gold. But I decided to have a bit of a rebound van coming clean, more colors. So this site bodies now black Emma, brain pink and all sorts of other cultures. So it's got awards to it. Yeah, and obviously lots of up cycle items. I've got a piece of woods that I upside, but it's hanging from the beans because it's gonna vaulted Ceiling, which has got no candles on top on everyone's that set fire to the beams on and I've got a share but a large chair, which Waas eats velvet. But I painted it with paint. So that was outside court, because to me, that's a proper story. I mean, I think particularly using the expression story, journey and lots of things. But that's what a home isn't it?

spk_0:   38:46

spk_1:   38:47
it's the combination of your history, your likes and your dislikes on, and that's what makes a room somewhere that I want to spend time it because it inspires me and it makes me feel comfortable because I'm with things that I have spent time with my life, Uh, which is being redefined the same this week. Revamp ourselves, having a new hairstyle, los losing weight or whatever. What if we get thing? Yeah, I think that's probably the way I

spk_0:   39:19
know. I was gonna be cruel and ask you, like, you know, like that. But it's, like, just, like transfusion your favorite child, like, out of any of your associates. You got what you got, What you have to say that, you know, I've only got one. And I got a dog. You know, the moment the door might win. But I was I was going to say, you know, is there any of your associates that I should I should I should keep an eye on anything. Anyone that that's exciting, you

spk_1:   39:53
know? Gosh, Well, um, I'm not gonna pick anyone out, because, to be quite honest, it would take me half an hour to because they all do different things. Yes. So, you know, we've got associates that bean on TV on money for nothing. So I think this week we've got duck McKeen available that they were going to be appearing or money for nothing. And Duncan is amazing. The lines he creates with these wonderful upside of life. We also can't stood for Amazing House. She's going to be appearing all money is nothing, and she paints furniture in the most incredible way. So both very different banks at the top of their game. But both freshen up cyclists, so it's very different. Difficult. And that's what makes the House of ups likely unique. We don't just do one thing. We don't just do French painting or arms or whatever. You know. You probably know our lovely Debbie Carter Value J Designs.

spk_0:   40:49

spk_1:   40:50
creates these incredible vintage plates were just great plates, plates already degraded. But

spk_0:   40:56
she had these overlays them doesn't seem

spk_1:   40:58
transfers. Whatever. Yeah, I know. I'm not thinking straight excited.

spk_0:   41:04
That's what I love about, like, you know, how so exciting dot com So my listeners can actually go to that Web site on. You know, I looked, I trolled through it yesterday and today when I was researching when I was tracking me, do you? And it was just amazing. I kind of got lost. It was like YouTube off duty over up cycling. You kind of get lost in this rabbit hole of amazing designs

spk_1:   41:26
I get. You know, I took England, which he says is good or a bad thing on. The passion has never subsided since I got involved in this. Yeah, sometimes it's tough. Uh, it can be very far along. And, you know, we've got just over 100 members, like they got 100 and five. So you have all these wonderful people to support and talk about on Dhe. The worst thing is because I see all these fantastic items that they create. I just want to keep buying stuff

spk_0:   42:02

spk_1:   42:03
And I really should have about six houses full of this.

spk_0:   42:07
So what? So if you know that the whole back again, the whole point of this party is to celebrate you and what you do. But ultimately, we're celebrating all these amazing up, cyclist. If people go to house up cycling dot com, you can look through there on Look at a ll the different artisans and all the different creatives there. But also, if you are, you know, designing yourself and you you think you belong in this house up cycling directory on be supported by Chris and her team. Go to there on day can check your

spk_1:   42:38
when they go to the website is they're interested in membership. Tracy, too. Navigate There is a membership, which they can click on this a little like over the top. There's also the directory, which lists all our cycles. Excuse me, which you can find it up cycling, and I don't know. You know which double or wherever. All around the country. There's also the interactive map, and there's the showroom. So the showroom is almost like the catalogue, so you could look up wardrobes or bedroom furniture or tables or whatever on that. Well, then, if you look at a table that you really like, anything I'd like to buy that I would like to commission that to be created for May, you can click on a link connects directly to the art sense website.

spk_0:   43:23
Amazing Chris. It's been an absolute pleasure. So medicines and go to house up citing dot com. They control your face dot com and find your Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Chris. As always, it's an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to catching up with you. I love hearing how passionate she is about her associates on dhe, how she just wants them Thio, thrive and thio to do really good work. If you get a chance to go on the House of Up cycling dot com website, it really is like a say, a rabbit Warren off just sense a sensory overload. Some of the crafts that are on there are beautiful, and they're amazing and actually said you'd have seen a lot of them on TV. Hope you enjoyed that hurt. You enjoyed listening ti me and Chris chat. Don't forget huge thank you to my sponsors because you can get that 15% discount on any of their online purchases. Just putting in that code TV carpenter into their website thorne down dot co dot UK and they are still operational. They're busy. They're, you know, busier than ever. Their factories still open, and if you put an order in within a couple of days, it will be at your front door or wrapped and ready for you to use and to paint your furniture with. So if you want to take advantage of that, don't forget to go to phone down Dakota UK and put in the code TV. Carpenter hope you're well, hope you're staying safe staying in Andi. I hope this podcast is helping you alleviate some of the stress and worries that we're all having at the moment. But all that's left for me to say is Thank you for listening to the TV Carpenter.