THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

Wayne chats with Interior designer Bhavin Taylor

April 24, 2020 Wayne / Bhavin Taylor Season 3 Episode 34
THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey
Wayne chats with Interior designer Bhavin Taylor
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This week I chat with award winning interior designer Bhavin Taylor,
We talk about how he manages to inject colour and pattern into his beautiful designs.


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today Show I 10 with having Taylor. He's an award winning interior designer. His love for color on pattern is evident throughout his beautiful work

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based on my company motto. Off love, color, Embrace, pattern on Basically just trying to inject both of those factors into all of my clients projects. And that doesn't mean that they have to be super gay, racial really loud. You know, everybody loves the color everyone loves being on. I think it's my job. Teoh draw that out off the clients on give them a house that they don't quite know they want. But we they

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dio hello and welcome to the TV Carpenter podcast. My name is Wayne Perry. This is a podcast where we celebrate the world off the makeover shows. So I interview my mates from the world of the garden makeover on the interior design makeover shows or with the aim off giving you all the tools and tips and tricks so that you can create your dream home. So how we all doing in lock down? Hey, you all right? I don't have any of you being following me on instagram. So I I decided when this locked down started Teoh do daily Die wise Monday to Friday. So I release a different video. Anything from you have been teaching people how to use drills or the functions or how to change a plug. And this week was all gardening. Based on do I used re used a video that had created for Nico Pain Company called Thorn Down Now for my regular listener off this podcast for one down is my sponsor of the podcast. On last year I did a load A video is using their that paints on one of the videos was painting terra cotta pots. So if you have a known unglazed terra cotta pots and you painted we thorn down inside Mao, it seals it and protect it on stopped it from blowing in the winter. So a terra cotta pot is porous, so water gets in there than in the winter expands and it blows. It breaks your terra cotta pot, which is why you have to take them inside, Which is why the on glaze ones are really cheap s o. In the video, I taught you how to paint them and how to protect them using the thorn down because it's water sealed. Eso It's interesting that I every week I do a little mini interview with my sponsor, Thorn, down with Caroline and Ben. And this week is actually about what makes thorn down waterproof. Andi has a thing in it called micro pores as well to allow water vapour to release. So have a little listen to this short one minute interview with Ben as we discuss what micro pores are on about how they protect your wood and how thorn down is Breathe herbal. Anyway, I'm rambling on. Just listen to that. You say that it's water repellent, but then you also it's got micro porous. And I use this. When we were doing the YouTube videos, I was I used it to paint terra cotta pots, so to seal them almost, but you talked about the head. Micros allows things to breathe. So how does that work? How is your pain? Water repellent and micro porous at the same time? Yes, and micro porous Means is very small. Homes on DSO, in terms of waterproof water won't sink through it, but water vapour could pass through it. So if you got water inside the timber and it's drying. Then, as it sort evaporates off, it can evaporate through the film. But if you got water droplets on the outside that won't go back into the if any of you fancy doing up your terra cotta pots or any of your wood furniture in your garden, or even restating your decking, you can go to Thorne down dot co dot UK and type in the code TV carpenter and you get 15% discount off any of their online purchases are speaking to Caroline and Ben today, actually, and they were saying they're crazy, busy and cause they're a family business, they can still work because they all live together. Eso they've streamlined all but they're still delivering on their probably busier than they've ever bean. So take advantage of that 15% discount. Just putting the code TV Carpenter and a lack aside this week have being doing lots of daily die wise on my instagram stories. A lot of them a garden related and painting using thorn them so you can check out those videos how to re stain and fix your old decking and so forth. Yeah, so just check out the instagram Um this week has Bean were on Lock down, out we So it's the same every week. But I'm I got asked to be involved in an amazing campaign for the NHS called Design Haven for Heroes and the idea it was set up by an amazing lady called Francesca. Rohan plowed, and she's an interior designer. Andi, I've had my own her for quite a while to be on the podcast, and we've been chatting and she's gonna be coming on the podcast soon to be interviewed. But she's decided she just off the cuff decided to create a instagram page like a cycle design haven for heroes, where the idea is to make over a member of the NHS their room, because obviously we're all in lock down. We can do our, you know, if you're not working where painting we're doing up our gardens were doing all the things that we've been meaning to do forever on. All the NHS staff are working doubly hard. Andi, you know how neglecting their home. So when we're out of lock down the plan, use Teoh into designers and people like myself are gonna go in on makeover people's rooms for free. So if you want to be involved, if you're an interior designer and you like to be involved or if you you own any brand companies and you you can supply any bedding or furniture or lamps or anything that would make their room a haven for them, just contact Francesca row unplowed. Um um, on instagram out or even contact. Look on design haven for heroes on instagram as well. I've got a page for their and express your interest and you could get involved on. If you like myself, you could be a build or decorator, and you want to help out on what they do is they check everybody that check everybody out, make sure their NHS registered have to show pictures of their room. Or even if you are a member of the NHS and you would like a room making over yourself, contact them and there's a central hub that got some staff. She's actually employ staff to do it all and get everything together, and then will be given people to work on their house on. But so it's a bit of ah, you know, d i y eso west, but so she's coordinating it all. So I have joined forces with Anna Jacobs, who is an amazing designer. She's been on the podcast, is the color psychologist, but she makes peaceful lamps on her. Instagram is amazing. Hizzoner Jacobs. If you get chance to check out hers Well, because we live locally to each other, we've decided we're gonna pair it together. She's gonna design, and I'm gonna build it and decorate. It s so it felt really good to be involved in this amazing campaign that actually Francesca was saying It's gone through the roof. She thought was just a little idea and then she was overwhelmed with it. So I think it's a really, really lovely thing. But anyway, so yeah, if you want to check out their social media's, I'll put the links in the in the show notes at the end of this podcast, so you can link directly through to them. But it's worth getting involved doing something for the NHS. So their main event, the main event, is I'm chatting with Bhavan Taylor designs on Gavin is an award winning into designer Andi. I came across him on Instagram Andi and I say, even in the in the interview with him that I just fell into his instagram and then couldn't stop looking through it. He has his ability to use color on Pathan on is all kind of crazy and classy and busy, but it really works on. We discuss why it works and how it works and we talk about, you know, he's career and the awards he's won. And he's such a lovely guy. We could have checked forever. I'm such a such a great guy. So I think you're really going to enjoy this chap with Bhavan Taylor. Thank you for coming on their TV Carpenter podcast. I am. I'm quite new to you. So why I was looking through Instagram and I came across you, Andi I did that rabbit hole kind of thing where you fall into someone's instagram and then getting lost with it within all all they grid, um, and drew me in it, Julian. But before we talk a little bit more about that, can you let me know? Let my my listeners know what? What would you say your style is? What is your distinctive style is as an interior designer.

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Eso I'm not gonna lie I always like. I don't think I have a style that other people tell me that it's there because basically one of my projects are Kate id Teoh each individual clients. So I don't really like I put a stop. Apparently there is. But basically all of my projects are based on my company motto off a love color embraced pattern on basically just trying to inject both of those factors into all of my clients projects. And that doesn't mean that they have to be super gay, racial really loud. You know, everybody loves the color everyone loves being on. I think it's my job Teoh trough out off clients on a house that they don't quite know what

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Yes, I think. I think that's that's the sign of a good designer. But what What was interesting was saying that you don't have a style, and I think I think I think Berry might have only just be looking to your grade. I think what it easy's. For example, you want like an evening standard design award on do you on the front cover on and at first glance, right this room has like two walls, were full on wallpaper like a geometric pattern. Bold is like a mustard. And then the chair was like a black and white, but with a big printing it and in the carpet was these beautiful colors of blues. If I went shopping, I am a carpenter. I don't know. Interior Designer. Before I went shopping, I wouldn't think those three go together. Right. But if you look at your greed and you see this picture with you sitting there looking fabulous because you've won this competition, I was like, How the hell did he put those three together? And it looks thing amazing. So I think that's maybe maybe that's your distinctive start is the fact that you can layer all these different things together. And how do you manage that?

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And it's basically like the first things May is to go in me decline. And while I'm sat with you know I'm having a child, I'm not really talking to them about design just tank generally, but most of the time, looking around in their house, looking out there, acting, looking at what they're wearing, and it just really shows me a lot about who they are as a person. You know I like to have a little bit but knows in their carpets.

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No inviting you round to mine.

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It's not really having a doubt tell a lot from like people have, like their clothing like their cupboards, like food wise things. You know, it's it's a weird thing taking information from so many different areas, but it builds a picture for me to go. Okay, I could really push this person or, you know, it's kind of rain myself in a little beer. So what's up? Done all of that property. I just didn't really literally asked at that point. I'm pretty much gone in my head where I want to go with the design and like it, then comes down. Teoh, figuring out how to make that vision I raid in my head is being in the background while I've been chatting to the client and then trying to figure out how to make your reality. Yeah, can So, like for that project one with mustard color scheme. The client actually already have the carpet balm. From what I could see with the rest of their home, it was a very grand and quite subject. You and I was like, Get down! You know the cop It's got mustard in there. They like some color. So I'm gonna really go all out and push them into life. Their expression? Because I know you. That's what they want.

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Teoh. They didn't know they wanted you to do that. But they got it right.

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Yeah, pretty much you can. You can kind of gauge how far you can push somebody. Yeah, to be honest, I like to push people headway because there's no point giving somebody what they've pictured in their head because then what's the point of them hiring me If they picture something you know? Go ahead, like make it happen. But people hire you to kind of take it to the next level and elevates it. So the first kind of start was like taking that mustard color, having a look for wallpapers and lie instantly. I still found this mustard and charcoal wallpaper when I was like, Yeah, that's it. So it's really in your face on. I'm gonna have me in a way that it's in your face, but no whelming on. That's the whole point of putting on the two opposite walls just like leaving a couple of white walls, just, you know, calm, calm. The space is quite full on design. You don't want to come home drunk staring. I like four walls of like, geometric. Yes. And to be honest, it just kind of I start layering things like chose that must so far in the pattern chair just things to start building and, like, just layer enough different patterns and just keep in the color scheme in those kind of mustard in a charcoal tones just helps to kind off keep that balance and, uh, just make it more liveable cause, you know, mustard is a really strong color. You think law you tricked is quiet for long as well. So you just gotta make sure that they in some sort off, uh, calm to the space as well. I didn't introduce, like, loads of colors, because then it would just be like a nightmare. Yeah, it's all about time. Manage the craziness, Any sense.

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I love that Matt managing the craziness and as I suppose again going back to that distinctive style that you have, like you said that we said your grid is so full on and so so bold in. Like I said in the beginning, The choices. But it really does work on Bond. But let's go back to the beginning. Have you always been an interior designer? What's your background?

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No. So when there are, like, so long as I can. But I always wanted to be in fashion. It was one go to That was always the back of my mind. Eso went on, but my degree in fashion loved every minute off air set 16 men down the catwalk Cada right, Bryan on the catwalk. It was great.

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that they're not started working in industry, and I absolutely hanging every minute.

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Yeah. You know, it is very devil wears Prada. People are the nicest on you just have to become like them to be able to succeed. Unfortunately, I like to have too much of a good time. So I was I wasn't gonna be successful with every apple. You know, I have to become somebody I know. That's not my cup of tea. Really? You know, I am, you know, people cr minus two, grandma like. And that's what I'm like, 24 7 So I needed to be in a world that suited me. But I didn't really realize that interiors was my thing. Straight way. So my kind of less the fashion world ended up temping in finance, which is a riel diversion in life. Obviously was case off, I needed a job. It's a tempting They offered me a job and I was like, Yeah, sure, why not? And then one year Well, nothing in 2000 and nine. Uh, it just got to a point where I was like, one s on my doing. This is getting crazy. Was gonna be turning 30 the next year. And I was like, You know, things around here. So 1 2009 I went back to school, studied very 10 week intense course at. To be honest, I haven't looked back since. So where it could take a while to grab what you want to do on when you do it could be quite life trained.

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Yeah. I mean, I think that's I realized that my roles, as you know as I'm getting older things have changed that I wasn't always a carpenter and things swapping change. But things just happen in your life way. You start to feel wet. Where your best place, then? I think we're very lucky. When you find something that works for you on, Do you can get your creative juices flowing?

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Yeah, that's wish her well. Like I have a lot of people. I know you hate their jobs, but they just do it. I just tell so many times you've gotta figure out what you want because, you know, life's really short on, you know, what's the point of going to work and hating it? Just It makes such a difference to your life.

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No, absolutely. Looking on your website There was something that I haven't seen before, and I was just really impressed by it. So you've got some earned some home products on. Do you know some cushions and throws and bits and bobs on there? But you've designed you designed them in a really clever way that the whole range you could buy the whole range and it would work because it's all in a similar color scheme or a complimentary color scheme or on. But also you can buy individual pieces on Darrelle different patterns as well. So you kind of managed to capture your genius, which is keep calling it crazy genius because I've never seen anyone news that use it. You know, again, it feeds your your you know, your strap line of love color embrace pattern. Because the fact that all of these homewares is so different in style and patterns colors but then collected together, it works. And you're offering that people that could buy the whole slice of you on your collection and it works in your house there has awoken just by a bit. And how did that collection come about then? What was the felt part process behind that?

spk_1:   19:47
Well, so, basically, always wanted Teoh have my own products. Been somewhere another on I think there's about two years ago now that I first kind of brought these products out. To be honest, they've kind of taken it off the back shelf just because the interior design inside of my business kind of took, Oh, tyrant. There's only so much one person can do. Yeah, tie bar. I'm actually working on some new versions off the designs I've done and potentially some new direction for all of it. So what's this space on time? Make sure that everything compound is doing reflects back to who I am, what I kind of offer in my brand itself, you know, making sure it's really bowl or making sure its colorful there's aspects off my independent it in there. Uh, the new stuff's kind of takes it to another dimension a little bit on. I'm not gonna say too much right now. Work in progress. Yeah, you know, I'm just gonna make it happen this time I will be pushing the head forward a bit more, making sure that I

spk_0:   21:09
Yeah, I think having what's happening with the crown of eyes in the moment, we've all something weird Way were forced to stop and kind of we can do more business stuff and mawr creative stuff a little bit. So, actually, forces I know a lot of artists or suddenly painting again. You have been itching to stop stop the world to five minutes so they could kind of get creative. So I think I think we'll see when all this finishes hopefully soon run later will all emerge with some great products and great things that will be out there. Yeah, that's

spk_1:   21:42
why you get so like, wrapped up in the actual business itself. That kind of made him all that you actually get to. Do you?

spk_0:   21:52

spk_1:   21:52
So management running around after people that you can't just get that you can sit down and draw. Sometimes it's quite nice to do that.

spk_0:   22:02
Yeah, So true. You talked about your Indian heritage that you know the influences from that. So how how important is that for you in your in your design

spk_1:   22:11
and best I didn't really know that it was playing the factor in all of my work until one day when I actually, you know, growing up around Indian culture allow big weddings we had, You know, what does the colorful festivals? They're all full of colorful outfits, you know, everything's got pattern. Somehow I feel like that's probably rubbed off one to me over the years, like has it grained itself inside my bones. And that's probably why I'm attracted to so much color on and why I want to just kind of colorize the whole world. You know, take everyone out of gray and bays and, you know, colors amazing. You know, we live in such a great, um, country that why don't have, like, a little colorful haven that you go home to every day. It's kind of help.

spk_0:   23:07
Yeah, now I totally agree. But was interesting as well is on your grade alongside all the amazing you know, visuals that you're quite very ex spoken about ethnic diversity in interior design. So what's your thoughts on that and what, what, what you're trying to achieve with your posts on your social media Regarding,

spk_1:   23:32
uh, they were like interior designers and things on TV, but you never really store anyone from an ethnic background on. You know, I was pretty lucky with my family and stuff. They supported my creative journey and all of that. But there's a lot of people would come from ethnic backgrounds who are kind of forced to go into one direction. Career wise. Just because it's safe are, and it's what kind of parents want you to dio at the day. I can't disappear. Like if there is more people being represented in the public eye that might help like the new generation to go. You know what? I want to follow a create part. There's somebody on TV or, you know, in the public eye kind of state to your parents. Look Easter and he successful. Why can't I? You know, I want to help people like that. Being creative isn't just making things pretty. You've got a kind of support, the next generation, the community on, especially in the interior design. You know, it's such a, um helpful on and support of industry, my love to help other people when you know, be the face that in comparing. So any ethnic payment is going okay, you know what? He's doing it. So let's our kids have a government. That

spk_0:   24:58
was really interesting because I thought you were gonna say from a different angle in a way, because a lot of your posts are it would be nice to see. You know, I think there is that the line up showed the guest judges on into it is a masters way. Have Michelle Michelle a good day in his mixed raced one other. Maybe, you know, really, you know, we could do with a bit more ethnic diverse team there, so I thought you going that more angle? But what's interesting? You You go on the other angle. Where years ago I originally trained as an actor. One of the shows I did was Bombay dreams in the West End on they had that same thing. I played the lead in that show. And the interesting thing was, they had the same thing is you know, a lot of parents didn't want their Children to be actors, so they literally had Teoh. People were auditioning in secret for the show. You know, they don't call my home with my parents, might answer the phone and things like that immediately open audition. So is that thing of? But I think it is. No, that was 20 years ago, so I think things are moving on now. You know, generation wise people are are saying that it would be nice to see mawr mixed heritage represented in the interior design world on TV. Um, but I do. Yeah, I think they are trying damning that. I know they do. You Well, to I I'm just saying I don't know any. So how are they trying?

spk_1:   26:20
It just kind of would be nice that what you're seeing in the public eye reflects the industry as it is today. It's for lost, you know, Guys, ladies, you know, everyone's doing it. So many different ethnic backgrounds and it paid. Like, you know, having all this diversity is why the industry is so strong. Yeah, but it's not being represented correctly.

spk_0:   26:48
Yes, let's do it. Okay, Can we speak? Let's get you in. We'll have a chat on General was interesting. I find I've been working in the makeover shows for the past eight years. Now on it really is. Once you're in, you're in and it's finally up and it's like jobs aren't advertised. You know, it's kind of that they, you know, have gone agent for presenting. And I get on my own work because they job isn't advertised. You've kind of got to be part of it the beginning and finding. So I almost think, Wouldn't you get into that world? And people know about you gets he gets a little bit easier in the TV world, so let's make we'll work. It will work it out in the middle of casting the next year's air into it is my master's almost everything's on hold, but they're casting while we're on hold still, so let's hope that always need guest judges. So let's let's try and put you in front of the right. The right people have you If one you be nominated and won quite a few competitions and awards. Sorry, no competition. So tell me a little bit about the first thing we talked to anyone about the Evening Standard Home Design Award. What was that? And how did that come about?

spk_1:   28:02
S O. I t had no clue about this award. It all my school that I went to Kelsey. They emailed all of us saying, There's this competition on if you want to enter Here is, uh on. It was actually one of the rare few that don't say to you pay to enter because ALOF designs do ask you to pay, which I kind of get You know, there's people working in the background to get paid, but sometimes you just one of into things and just be recognized without having to pay a cheque. Paychecks probably get get in trouble for saying that. Never mind, but yes. So I just kind of entered this project and another one on didn't really think anything would come back from here on that. Actually got to see a potential client in Scotland was at the airport on the way back. I was just checking my emails and it popped up to say that I won. And it was like one of those moments where you're just, like a really wanted. Just pop it out. It's great way people are gonna think What the hell's wrong with

spk_0:   29:12
other done anyway? Yeah,

spk_1:   29:16
if it happened to get up, probably work. But, you know, just like nobody does out just right. But yeah, it was just nice to get recognized in the public high for a little bit. You know that there were, like, five categories for the professionals air section. So I applied for the living room, and it was just nice to kind of be told that was the winner then when it was published to be on the front cover off the homes of property sections. So you have a lovely

spk_0:   29:51
Yeah. You look bloody brilliant on. It was excellent. It was so brilliant. You, That's for looking on your great. This is a pure, purely selfish, not selfish. He's a long way, but purely on selfish reasons. Why I'm asking this one on your on your great of your instagram. There's a beautiful bathroom and you've gone like these marble hexagon marble tiles and it all looks gorge on what? We're in the middle of deciding what to do with our bathroom on and on. Member Mrs Loved All of that look is marble here to stay, do you think? Or do you think of things moved on or what? What's coming around the corner?

spk_1:   30:33
To be honest, um, I don't feel like marble would never disappear. You know, it's a product we've been using for many, many moons now, uh, whether it's sticking around for, like, major use, I'm probably going to say no, just because there's so much else out there. You know, you can even buy really cheap porcelain tiles now and, like put a have hung in like various pattern. I feel like people are looking more into that. Make it a bit more interesting. Rather than is the marble slab kind of Babel. I feel like people are moving on, get a bit brave, are just being a bit more experimental, you their marbles. Classic. You know it's never gonna go out for sure, but I think from what I'm seeing and what I'm trying to go out there, people being a bit more braver and play. You know, that's everybody

spk_0:   31:39
being more creative with how they're laying that. Remember, let the brick type kind of tiles are now going vertical. You know, everyone's united be vessel on bond again. Selfish question. Because would you if you were doing that, my model bathroom. Now, would you use like, rose gold taps or would you go down the black taproot?

spk_1:   32:00
So I'm actually doing a bathroom At the moment on were a toy between the black on the brushed brass. Uh, I'm kind of pushing that we go down the black just because I feel like it's a bit more fresher. You know, people are embracing black sanitary where a little bit more brass, obviously, you know, it's a massive trend right now, but I feel like the blacks definitely gonna take over. Uh, might be a bit more cleaning todo with the hard way have here you have to scrap a little bit, but

spk_0:   32:39
I'm definitely met my wife. Listen to this. I'm saying all of this because I blatantly want black taps on my my wife still wants, like the Rose Gold Leo asses where himself isolating? Yes,

spk_1:   33:02
that just designers were there cases Yeah, Like I spent most of my time trying to like a piece both sides. So,

spk_0:   33:11
yeah, I do the same with carpentry. I do this I do. Exactly the same with carpentry is it's been actually brilliant speaking. Teoh, My final question for you is and I asked this of all my interior design guests. If you could design your your favorite space, it could be one that you've already got or one that you aspire to have a dream toe. Have. Can you describe it to me and tell me what you're drinking while you're in this body?

spk_1:   33:37
Oh, wow. Drinking excellent. Eso I've always wanted to build a hope myself out should contain this.

spk_0:   33:46
I would the thought that of you from being told I don't know.

spk_1:   33:54
That's good, you know, shaking a dream of mine whether it will happen.

spk_0:   34:05
Did you see the guy? There's a guy you had that on our grand designs where he was That was amazing. Oh, home.

spk_1:   34:15
Yeah, I think.

spk_0:   34:21
Yeah. And also also have you looked at Max restore maximum murder. He's a friend of mine, his presente on. Um, I've just done a recent show with him and he's got a houseboat. Mrs. Shipping Container Houseboat on is the only problem is sits above the waters. That's tool than all the other ones. They can't really more in many places. But that is an amazing as well. So you need to check out his instagram eso shipping container. Okay, so inside. What? Is it gonna look like that?

spk_1:   34:52
Yes, I have worked at the inside. I know that the outside I wanted to be, like, sprayed a really strong orange or something like that. You stick into my brand. I definitely wanted to be by the sea, because is I find being around water very calming. So especially big self employed. It's always nice to surround yourself in a con situation. Uh,

spk_0:   35:28
something fabulous. Fabulous. Yes. Expresso Martini bar When it's been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. So if people wanted to contact you did counting to you balvin, which is belt be hate A V i m a tailor design dot com as your website on social on social media. How can people get hold of you?

spk_1:   35:49
It's too bad, Miss. But design, that's probably like that main one that I use. I do have a Facebook Twitter, but it's basically just copying over everything. Commands to ground. So

spk_0:   36:00
go first.

spk_1:   36:01
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has been an absolute pleasure. And for any view, anyone listening to this podcast check out his instagram Andi, just see how again, how crazy and classy. Always. But it actually melody works on, but he's he's brave and brilliant, so it's been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for talking to me on the TV. Carpenter podcast. Listen to this podcast. You definitely gonna have to go and check out his instagram. I'm really distilled out now how he manages to create those patterns and those colors and puts them all together. But I suppose that's why we pay and work with interior designers. And on I just build and decorate. Yes. So I hope you enjoyed listening to Mito. We've been Taylor Onda again, as always. Have to say a huge thank you to my sponsor Thorn Down paints. You can get that 50% discount by going to thorne down dot co dot UK and putting in the code the TV carpenter, But again, Please stay home. Please stay safe. Andi, I hope this podcast gives you a little bit of light relief so that you can plan your dream home or even implement it as you're doing. Choosing colors. Remember a lot off the I Y stores. You can order things online that can be delivered straight to your door. You know, we're planning to knock down walls already. I think we're ordering a skip that's gonna come and clear all the rubbish that we've cleared with Mary Condo the house again. So I'm using this time to To to sort out our own little nest. But anyway, thank you for listening to me. Wayne Perry, the TV carpenter.